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How Often Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested? Know From Expert

How Often Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested?


Recognizing the optimal time for visual examinations is crucial, especially considering the impact of chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension on eye health. The prevalence of eye problems has increased with prolonged usage of laptops and mobile devices for social media scrolling. The National Institute of Health (NIH) reports that India is home to approximately 4.95 million individuals with blindness, with cataracts and refractive errors being significant contributors. 


To address this, understanding the right timing for eye checkups is paramount. The importance of raising awareness about eye care in India and knowing when to seek eye screenings is discussed below.


1. Age-Appropriate Timing:


Children and Teens must Initiate eye exams at around 6 months, followed by tests at age 3 and just before starting school. Adults (18-60) must Visit your eye doctor once every two years, with annual exams recommended for corrective lens wearers or those with specific concerns. Seniors (60+)must Schedule annual eye exams as age-related conditions become more common.


2. Vision Changes:


Seeking immediate attention if you experience noticeable vision changes, including blurriness, double vision, flashes of light, or eye strain. These changes could indicate underlying health issues or severe conditions like glaucoma or retinal detachment.


3. Existing Eye Conditions:


Individuals with conditions like glaucoma, diabetes, or age-related macular degeneration should maintain extra vigilance. For those with a family history of glaucoma, biennial eye exams are recommended, with more frequent visits for diagnosed cases. People with diabetes should undergo annual eye exams to manage potential complications.


4. Contact Lens Wearers:


Regular follow-ups with an eye care professional are essential for contact lens wearers. These appointments ensure proper lens fit comfort and address any lens-related concerns.


5. Occupational Risks:


Certain occupations involve prolonged exposure to visual hazards. Discuss your job with your eye doctor to determine the necessary exam frequency for safeguarding your eye health.


Prioritizing eye checkups aligned with these guidelines not only aids in early problem detection but also contributes to overall visual wellness. These insights underscore the importance of proactive eye care, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their eye health.




Knowing how often you should get your eyes tested is essential for maintaining healthy vision. Your optometrist can provide more personalized care advice and will be able to determine if you need an eye test sooner than suggested. It’s important to see an eye care professional regularly or whenever eye health concerns arise. 


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