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Medanta e-ICU

Medanta's e-ICU represents the pinnacle of critical care, placing super-specialized expertise at its core. In a landscape where the shortage of adequate qualified professional is a pressing concern, M.....

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Medanta's e-ICU represents the pinnacle of critical care, placing super-specialized expertise at its core. In a landscape where the shortage of adequate qualified professional is a pressing concern, Medanta stands out with its diversified critical care experts team coverage, ensuring patients receive unparalleled care. The team is not just diverse but enriched with knowledge and experience, ready to serve patients all over the country. Medanta's e-ICU is a commitment to build advanced critical care team equipped centres all over India, enhancing healthcare professional’s capability to treat and  save more lives. With Medanta, you're not just getting medical care; but a team of diversified super specialized team who are redefining critical care for the betterment of mankind 

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Distance Is No More A Barrier To High Quality Critical Care.
What Drives Us At Medanta
Service Benefits
  1. Round the clock (24×7×365) real time monitoring of remote ICU patients
  2. Round the clock (24×7×365) Super-specialized Consultation at command center
  3. Guidance for life saving interventions to onsite healthcare professionals
  4. Diagnosing and treating timely leads to a better outcome
  5. Enhance your ICU quality by optimizing the protocols, training and teaching of nursing and technical staff
  6. Super-specialized OPD consultation to patient

Service Challenges

According to WHO data, for a population of over 1.5 billion, India currently has 1.25 lakh ICU beds and an estimated 2 million hospital beds which indicates an imminent shortage of critical care specialist. Moreover their are numerous more challenges faced 

  • The Infrastructural gaps in critical care (adequate ICU Setup) 
  • Lack of critical care specialists and trained staff
  • Poor resource availability
  • Unidentified emergency/ crash events in hospitals 
  • Lack of timely expert opinion, referral and intervention 

To Overcome these challenges , Concept of Medanta e-ICU come into play i.e. Delivering world class critical care services using advanced technology


Medanta e-ICU envision to transform Critical Care Medicine Services across world’s expanse, through innovative fusion of technology and super specialized clinical services 


Our mission is to combat the need of access to super-specialized ICU experts for critically ill patient regardless of their location, delivering onsite world class Critical Care Services and focusing on equipping the hospitals in every aspect of ICU care 

Diversified Super Specialised
Medanta e-ICU
A Word From Our Leader

Dr. Dilip Dubey, Director, Medanta Digital Critical Care Services said, “Evolution of critical care medicine as a super-speciality took long journey. Over a period, the medical world acknowledged the importance of its diversified approach which incorporates the potential of superior diagnosis establishment, intelligent monitoring, and timely therapeutic decisions. To match the above standards, Medanta created a dedicated tele-ICU team to cater these digital critical care services. The team will work round the clock in the Command Centre, with specific expertise in diagnostic critical care medicine and ICU infections.

Dr. Dilip Dubey
Critical Care
Medanta e-ICU
e-ICU Team Composition

Medanta e-ICU team of versatile experts collaborate seamlessly during each shift to unravel complex medical condition. The super specialized intensivist squad with multi- disciplinary background that comprises of infectious disease , pulmonology , anesthesia and internal medicine together, pool their diverse proficiencies, scrutinizing intricate cases and formulating accurate diagnosis.This unified approach harnesses a wealth of knowledge , ensuring comprehensive analysis and effective decision-making, all facilitated through Medanta e-ICU. Their combined expertise become a beacon of hope for patients, transcending geographical barriers to deliver top- notch critical care.

Meet Our Experts
Medanta e-ICU
Why Collaborate With Medanta?
  • Established and reliable brand collaborate with state of art super-specialized clinical services.
  • It meet the crisis of critical care professionals and enhancing the work efficiency of existing staff.
  • Round the clock coverage of Super -specialties backup.
  • Digital archive of rationalized medical records.
  • Overcoming geographical challenges for expert healthcare services.
  • Reducing Judgment errors due to work stress or underqualification.
  • Enhanced Reputation with partner and awareness.
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure, procedures & practice.

Benefits for patients- avoid expensive/dangerous transfer (Geography and weather challenges)
Benefits for Hospitals- Lower mortality, fewer complication, better bed utilization , superior patient care management
Benefits for Staff- Using the software and technologies will enable in proactive care and fewer complication.

  1. Onsite evaluation 
  2.  Medanta e-ICU Clinical Services
  1. High quality care
  2. Super-specialized ICU as well as OPD consultation
  1. Digital monitoring and better onsite care
  1. Protocolisation
  2. Regular Training & Teaching
Technical Aspect
Clinical Aspect
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