Road Accidents

What are road accidents?

Accidents on the road are the most common scenario these days. Reckless driving, increased number of vehicles, and careless attitude have led to massive rise in death toll due to road accidents. The injuries incurred due to road accidents are not limited to physical deformities, and results in loss of life as well. With very little space to walk and limited size of roads, it is becoming impossible to avoid accidents.

As per the global data, approximately 1.3 million people die in road accidents each year, averaging to 3,287 deaths in a day. It is alarming because the number of vehicles is increasing day by day.


The main causes of road accidents are:
Distracted Driving.
Speed more than the allowed limit.
Drinking and driving.
Reckless driving.
Natural causes like rain, fog, etc.
Night driving.


The major risk factors are:
Teenage drivers are more prone to accidents.
Inexperienced drivers.
Texting while driving.
Young males are more prone to accidents.
Drivers with weak eyesight.
Vehicles in poor condition.
Bad condition of roads.


To prevent road accidents, one should:
Follow traffic rules.
Keep a check on your speed.
Do not overtake from the wrong side.
Let other vehicle pass.
Do not closely follow the vehicle ahead. Maintain appropriate distance.
Follow safety norms. Wear seat belts, and helmets.
Drive slowly during rain or fog.
Check if your vehicle is in good condition.
Do not drink and drive.

How is it diagnosed?

Based on the severity of the accident, following technologies can be used at Medanta to diagnose the injuries:


How is it treated?


  • Medical Procedure

    If the injury is not severe, medication can help the patient to recover. Injecting pain killers, and tetanus are some the common measures. Blood transfusion may be required in case of excessive blood loss.

  • Fracture Treatment

    For fractures and bone displacement, doctors will set the bone properly in its place. This is known as reduction. Setting of bone that does not require surgery, and is called closed reduction.

  • Surgery

    Surgery is inevitable in serious cases.

When do I contact the doctor?

The injured person should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. However, if the accident is not severe, only first aid care may be necessary. 

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