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The Psychology of Eating: Mindful Approaches to Tackling Obesity

In recent years, obesity has emerged as one of the most important health concerns in India. The prevalence of Obesity among Indians rose exponentially in recent times. Studies suggest that if weight control measures are not consistently successful, this trend may continue. This disease is associated with a lower life expectancy and chronic diseases like cancer. 

In the bustling chaos of modern life, our relationship with food has become a casualty of convenience, emotional turmoil, and the relentless pursuit of productivity. However, beneath the layers of convenient food and empty promises of fad diets, there’s a path to rediscover the joy and nourishment that eating can bring. It's a journey of mindfulness—a journey that begins with empathy and is fuelled by hope. 

Imagine a weary soul burdened by the weight of expectations and the whispers of self-doubt, reaching for respite in the form of a sugary treat or a greasy snack. In that moment, food becomes more than just sustenance; it becomes a lifeline—a fleeting escape from the chaos of everyday existence. But what if, instead of seeking refuge in mindless consumption, we paused to listen to our bodies and souls? 

In the battle against obesity, the focus has often been on the physical aspects—calories consumed, exercise regimes, and nutritional content. Integrating the Japanese philosophy of "Hara hachi bu," which advocates eating until you are 80% full, can profoundly impact our health and prevent overeating. This mindful approach to eating encourages us to tune in to our body's signals and practice moderation, leading to better overall well-being. 

Here are the 3 ways to practice mindful eating: 

Embrace conscious consumption

Embrace conscious consumption and fill your meals with fiber-rich options like fruits and salads. These choices are not only healthy and filling but also low in calories, promoting better digestion and a sense of fullness.
Understanding the psychological underpinnings of our relationship with food paves the way for conscious consumption. This is key to fostering sustainable change and tackling the obesity epidemic effectively. Mindfulness becomes a harbinger of hope, providing a safe haven amidst the tempest.

Learn the art of mindful eating 

Master mindful eating—avoid eating and drinking simultaneously to allow your body adequate time for proper food digestion. Breathe, slow down and embrace every moment like it’s your last. Mindful eating is not about giving nutrition to our bodies alone; It is about nourishing our souls–a sacred waltz between thanksgiving and understanding that transcends both time and space.

 Fall in love with healthy intake

Practicality is the keyword when it comes to mindful eating, where every meal becomes art, where tastes, feels and emotions entwine together harmoniously. To fight obesity,  we must learn to fall in love with healthy food.  Fall in love with healthy intake by being grateful for what you receive and eating with thanks. Remember, millions sleep hungry, and practicing gratitude for our meals can instill a sense of mindfulness and appreciation.
Mindful eating will keep you healthy and happy as you embark on this journey together—hand in hand, heart to heart. By using empathy as a compass and hope as a guide, we can conquer any hindrance that gets in our way. Let us take care of our bodies and nourish our souls while at the same time building profound links with ourselves, each other, and the environment. Remember, a fit and healthy body isn’t a destination but a journey- a beautiful, serene and infinitely priceless mindful eating journey.





Dr. Vikas Singhal
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