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Meaning of Juvenile Arthritis: Signs and Symptoms to Watch in Kids

Juvenile arthritis is a unique type of disease that affects kids in India every year. It is not very common but 1 out of 1000 kids suffer from it every year. One of the major identification symptoms include pain in the joints that ultimately stops their growth and makes it tough for them to continue their daily tasks. Children find it difficult to play or run gradually. They face a lot of difficulties in even walking at times. 


But if detected earlier, any child can avoid it to the maximum level. Moreover, if not the solution, it gets easier for them to deal with the disease. When someone knows about the illness, he or she can make different strategies to avoid pain and worse conditions than before in future. With continuous medical attention from qualified professionals, children can feel less pain and do exercises to counter the illness. Doctors also suggest tips and counter steps to deal with the illness with ease. Therefore, it is very important to know about the illness earlier than ever so that your kids remain happy and healthy further.


Juvenile Arthritis Signs and symptoms


  1. Long term pain and stiffness: Kids dealing with juvenile arthritis may have to deal with chronic pain and stiffness, especially in their joints. This can make their daily lives difficult in no time.
  2. Limited mobility: Moving might become hard for the kids dealing with the illness in a short span of time. They may feel extreme pain and discomfort.
  3. Challenges in daily life: Going to school or playing with friends might become the hardest things to do for the children dealing with this illness.
  4. Emotional struggles: Dealing with such a terrifying illness might become tough for the kids to manage their emotions well.
  5. Other health concerns: Kids can face damage in their other body parts like heart, lungs, stomach or eyes. One must be careful when dealing with the illness.


Juvenile Arthritis Treatment


According to Dr. Somesh a senior consultant at the Institute of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Orthopedics in Medanta Gurugram, it is important for the parents or guardians to be cautious of the help as soon as they notice any signs of juvenile arthritis. Ignoring or avoiding inflammation may result in something worse. To encourage and strengthen the children dealing with this condition, a parent must consider the following steps:


  1. Regular checkups: Visiting the doctor from time to time can reduce the risk of future threats in the child’s body. It can keep the parents as well as the medical professional aware of the condition from time to time and build strategies to deal with it eventually.
  2. Medical help: It is also important to keep ensuring that the child is following doctor’s instructions at home and being cautious of what is being told by the same.
  3. Healthy eating: A balanced diet cures a lot of illnesses that we don’t even know about till date. It is a silent yet the most powerful routine to remain in balance and healthy state.
  4. Slight exercise: Indulging in light exercises like walking for a few minutes or moving body parts everyday can show improvement in the level of pain. 


In conclusion, being conscious and cautious can save your child from suffering from an extremely painful situation. It can eliminate the constant degradation of mental health and improve a positive outcome. Being aware and educating children about the same can also bring positive outcomes with time. Creating a supportive environment with the help of teachers, classmates, friends and family can help the child deal with the illness effectively.  


This blog is converted from the PR article - https://www.india.com/health/health-health/what-is-juvenile-arthritis-signs-and-symptoms-to-be-aware-of-in-kids-6196770/ 

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