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Know the importance of Mammography

Know the importance of Mammography

National mammography day is celebrated every year on the third Friday of October month. It is observed in close relation to breast cancer awareness month and encourages women to book an appointment to get themselves tested for breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer can make a huge difference, and its early treatment can be a blessing for those who get diagnosed with breast cancer. 

It is believed that cancer is the second biggest reason for death these days with breast cancer being a major reason in the case of women. Thus, it is imperative that regular screening and examination are conducted for early detection of breast cancer.

What is a Mammogram?

A mammogram can be thought of as a non-invasive method used for diagnosing breast cancer in women. This method is adopted even when a woman shows no signs of cancer or illness. The mammogram test includes a series of x-rays of both breasts aiming to detect any kind of tumour that may be present inside the breast tissues. Sometimes hard masses or tumours cannot be detected as they remain buried deep inside the breast tissues and can only be detected with an x-ray. 

History of National Mammography Day

Robert Egan was the man who developed the method of mammogram screening in the late 1950s for the first time. His contribution was known by the name of ‘The Egan technique’ in which the doctors were allowed to detect hardened masses that existed in the breast tissues. The results he deduced from this technique were published in his book ‘Mammography’ in the 1960s. 

Mammography is a method for detecting calcification, which is an early sign of breast cancer. It is conducted using low-energy x-rays in which the breasts are compressed in a mammography unit which evens out the breast tissue thickness and decreases the scattered radiation while preventing blurred motions. While taking a mammogram, the woman taking up the test is restricted from applying lotion, perfume, deodorant, or any talcum powder because such applications can show up as extra calcium spots in the x-ray.

Goal of Mammography Day

Mammography day is observed to spread the word about breast cancer awareness and to encourage women to undertake screening that can help in detecting cancer and associated breast-related issues. To celebrate this day, you can spread awareness about breast cancer via social media platforms, by organizing fundraisers, or by any other programs that can help spread the word. However, you can start by booking a mammography screening appointment for yourself as the first step to motivating others. Mammography day is observed to ensure that:

  • Every woman between 40 to 44 years old gets a choice to opt for mammogram screening on an annual basis if they wish to take the test.
  • Women who lie in the age gap of 45 to 55 years get access to mammography test every year.
  • Women who have crossed the age of 55 should get themselves screened every year.,
  • Mammography day is observed to help women stay up to date with the information related to breast cancer, its prevention, and early detection and treatment.

How to actively take part in National Mammography Day?

It’s your body, and it deserves lots of love. Thus you must show some love and care to your body by observing National Mammography day. Here is how you can actively participate in National mammography day:

Book an Appointment for a Mammogram

If you have been simply refraining from taking a mammogram test even after turning 40, it’s a good opportunity to make an appointment on National Mammography Day to understand the importance of mammograms. Also, you need to know that about 100 out of every 1000 women are asked to take another mammography for ultrasound imagery. Out of those 100 women, 20 may be referred for biopsy, while 5 of them may be diagnosed with cancer. 

Practice self-test every month

A monthly commitment to self-examination of breast cancer is a sign of awareness that every woman should practice in a regular fashion every month. If you are not aware of taking a self-examination, you can consult a doctor to learn the correct way of doing the same. One can also consider hitting the internet to do some research to get started with the self-examination process. 

Don pink colour

The pink colour is the colour for breast cancer awareness which also stands valid for National Mammography Day. So, proudly don a pink colour ribbon to show your awareness about breast cancer. Wearing this pink colour is also a sign of honour to those who suffer from breast cancer and symbolizes that they are not alone in their fight and there are many in support.

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