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Coronavirus: Get Answers To All COVID-19 Related Questions

Can a person catch infection from any asymptomatic Corona patient even after bathing from Dettol-mixed water?


Laboratory confirmed COVID-19 patients who are truly asymptomatic are few and to date, there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission. However, this doesn’t mean that it may not occur in the future. The antiseptic disinfectants one may use has no relation to the asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19.- It is recommended by the health experts that social distancing, use of masks, use of sanitizers is the best approach to prevent Covid19 infection, however, if an asymptomatic patient has the virus in his/her nasopharyngeal region so he/she may transmit the same while coughing, sneezing or by droplets (even talking from a small distance speaking).

Medanta Medical Team
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