Fibrocystic Disease

What is Fibrocystic Disease?

Fibrocystic is a non-cancerous disease, characterized by lumps in one or both breasts. Fibrocystic breasts, fibrocystic breast disease, and fibrocystic breast conditions are other names for the disease. It affects more than 60% women and causes hormonal problems during menstrual cycles. Other types of the disease are diffuse cystic mastopathy or fibrosclerosis of the breast. The main symptom of this disease is changes in the breast, characterized by fibrous tissues, lumpiness, and a cobblestone texture.


Other symptoms that help identify the disease are:

  • Breast tenderness.
  • Breast aching.
  • Swelling.
  • Pain.
  • Thickening of tissues.
  • Breast and nipples are tender and itchy.
  • Breasts feel full and heavy.
  • Pain under the arms.
  • Green or dark brown discharge from the nipples.



The main causes of this disease are:

  • Cysts.
  • Adenosis.
  • Fibrosis.
  • Lobules.


The main risk factors of the disease include:

  • Intake of unhealthy foods.
  • High dose of medications.


In order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, one should take care of the following:

  • Limit caffeine.
  • Decrease fat in the diet.
  • Use a warm water bottle to relieve discomfort.
  • Reduce the hormone therapy exercise.

How is it diagnosed?

At Medanta, the doctor can diagnose the disease by conducting:


How is it treated?

Studies report that the condition may improve by dietary changes, especially less intake of salt and caffeine. At Medanta, the means to treat the disease include: 


  • Surgical excision

    Surgery might be needed to eliminate that cyst-like lump, which does not resolve after careful monitoring.

  • Fine-needle aspiration

     Use of hair-thin needle is best to drain out the fluid from the cyst.

When do I contact the doctor?

You should consult a doctor, if you experience redness of the skin on the breast, puckering of the skin on the breast, new lumps, and more. All these symptoms will be treated just right with the help of our medical expertise at Medanta.

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