Dr. Pooja Sharma

Director and Head - Medanta Institute of Education and Research



Senior Research Scientist at AIIMS, New Delhi and Society for Applied Studies, New Delhi

15 years of expertise in the planning, management and overview of clinical research.

Responsible for initiation and establishment of a research internship program at Medanta with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of UT Southwestern Amity University, Apeejay Stya University and Institute of Clinical Research of India.

Dr Pooja Sharma is Associate Director and Head at Medanta Institute of Education and Research, Gurgaon. She is a well- renowned scientist having been in the field of research for over 15 years now. Prior to Medanta, she has worked in AIIMS and Society for Applied Sciences as a senior scientist. Her expertise lies in protocol development, clinical trials and research ethics and public health research, amongst others.

Medical Qualifications

MD (Obs and Gynae)Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), BHU, Varanasi1999
M.B.B.SIMS, BHU, Varanasi1996

Specialization and Expertise

  • Clinical Trials and Research Ethics
  • Public Health Research
  • Obs and Gynae

Memberships & Certifications

  • Chairperson IEC-Health Related Research, Genebandhu New Delhi
  • Chairperson, Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) of Indian Spinal Injuries Center (ISIC), New Delhi
  • Member Ethics committee of the National Brain Research Centre, Manesar|Member Secretary Medanta Institutional Review Board, Medanta the Medicity
  • Patient Advocacy role: Cankids patient advocacy research group leader


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