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World Pharmacist Day | 25 September 2022

When was World Pharmacy Day started?


World Pharmacy Day started in 2009 in Istanbul during the FIP Council. The aim of this exercise is to promote and advocate for the role of pharmacists in delivering safe effective healthcare. September 25th was the date on which FIP was found and hence was chosen as World Pharmacy Day.


What is FIP?


FIP is the International Pharmaceutical Federation - a global organization that represents, the field of pharmacy, science, and education. It has 144 member countries and is based in the Netherlands.


What is the Idea behind 2022’s theme for World Pharmacy Day?


The idea behind the theme is to showcase pharmacists role in creating a positive change in the world and further strengthen the unity among people in the profession.


What are the themes from the previous years?


  • 2021 - Pharmacy: Always Trusted For Your Health
  • 2020 - Transforming global health
  • 2019 - Safe and effective medicines for all
  • 2018 - Pharmacists: Your medicines experts
  • 2017 - From research to health care: Your pharmacist is at your service
  • 2016 - Pharmacists: Caring for you
  • 2015 - Pharmacists: Your partners in health
  • 2014 - Access to pharmacists is access to health
  • 2013 - Pharmacists: simplifying your medicine use, no matter how complex
  • 2012 - Pharmacists - Your partners in using medicines responsibility


Here are some interesting facts about Pharmacists:


  • 78% of Pharmacy technicians are females
  • Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals for most people, especially in rural areas
  • Pharmacists have a huge role to play in ensuring safe medication practices - a cause championed by the WHO too in 2022
  • The inventors of Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Ginger ale were originally pharmacists
  • Benjamin Franklin was a Pharmacist and Agatha Christie was a Pharmacy technician
  • The global market for Pharmaceuticals is 300 Billion USD


Some historical facts about Pharmacy:


  • 1618 - The first drug reference book was published by the Royal College of Physicians
  • 1821 - The first pharmacy college was set up in the U.S.
  • 1982 - Tamper-resistant packaging becomes the norm
  • 2008 - Advent of robotized pharmacy



What is the role of the Pharmacist in delivering safe healthcare?        


Pharmacists, with the right responsibilities and in the right environments are crucial to ensuring the delivery of safe medical care and reducing adverse medication-related harm events in patients.


Although, pharmacists are usually unable to perform their roles effectively due to the way systems are set up. They can be instrumental in reducing incidents of medication-induced harm, especially in the outpatient setting. Some of the key roles include:


  • Ensuring access to medication and being able to suggest alternatives for a medicine or payment methods that may help the patient
  • Supplying information related to the medication - including the adverse reactions and side effects as well as dosage and consumption instructions to the patient
  • Evaluate the safety and appropriateness of medication for the individual
  • Ensure education of the patients to get better compliance
  • Providing basic health and wellness services like checking blood pressure
  • Reviewing the patient’s full medication list and ensuring there are no harmful interactions
  • Assessing the current health status of the patient and recommending necessary corrective measures
  • Transition of information from one care provider to another for seamless treatment of the patient
Medanta Medical Team
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