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Types of Tooth Filling and Process

Types of Tooth Filling and Process

Teeth gap filling or dental restoration is a process that helps fix a decayed tooth. A damaged tooth is at first cleaned and then made a hole to further fill with a dental filling. The filling process helps in making the tooth look natural again and makes it capable of carrying out its regular functions again. The filling that is filled inside the hole is made of different types and varies depending on the need of the patient.


The process usually is short and can be done within a few or one sitting depending on the situation. It may start with the doctor applying a numbing gel followed with drill-like equipment and creating a hole where the filling has to be placed. After the hole has been made, the most suitable filling type is selected and then filled in. At last, the finishing touches are given so that the bite can feel normal.


One must take extra care after the process as he may feel slight discomfort or pain if the teeth do not sit in place together.


Let us now discuss the types of dental filling.


Silver amalgam


This is by far the most common and widely used teeth gap filling. The silver amalgam variant has other materials than just silver. It is a mixture of silver along with other minerals such as mercury and copper. This mixture is highly malleable which makes it easy for dentists to use. Silver amalgam is also widely popular because it is much cheaper than other kinds and stands for up to or more than twelve years.


Although, one major drawback that this variant has is that it does not have good looks. So the patients often prefer to use it for teeth that cannot be directly seen or are situated at the back of the mouth. It also reacts to heat and other temperature-related factors so it can expand and get damaged causing a problem. However, it is still one of the best choices for permanent tooth filling.


Glass fillings


If you are looking for a suitable tooth filling for your child then this may be the best option available. Glass ionomer filling is constituted by mixing both the glass material and acrylic together. It is suggested to be used on children’s teeth that are still in the formation process. Also, it does not stay much longer so when the real teeth are developed this will get worn off.


The main purpose behind this kind of dental filling is to protect the teeth of kids by forming an additional layer that also prevents them from decaying any further. They are also not natural looking and have a resin kind of look to them.


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Composite fillings


After the first variant, these are the second most popular and used for the teeth gap filling process. Composite fillings are made up of mixing plastic along with the resin. One good thing with this kind of filling is that it is placed inside the hole while it is still soft and fragile and later turned hard by the use of a special light. This way, the filling can acquire the colour of the natural teeth and does not look different from the outside.


However, these are not as long-lasting and durable as the silver ones so might need to be redone after five or ten years of use. They are also pocket friendly and not super pricey. Dentists might recommend this type to people looking for a temporary and affordable solution.


Ceramic tooth filling


This dental filling is the most perfect kind to, say the least. A ceramic tooth filling is made up of porcelain material hence it is both long-running and aesthetically pleasing. Naturally, these are more costly when compared to other types. These can be the best for patients looking for sturdy and natural-looking teeth. These are also better because they can resist tooth stains.


However, it is preferred to be used on large cavities because it can be brittle at times, and doing so prevents breakage.




If you are suffering from tooth decay, you should visit an expert right now. There are many teeth gap filling options available for you to choose from and the dentist will help you find the best as per your concerns.

Medanta Medical Team
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