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Tavi procedure: Process, Candidature & Recovery

Tavi procedure: Process, Candidature & Recovery

Tavi procedure: Process, Candidature & Recovery

Transcathetor Aortic Valve Implant or Replacement (TAVI/TAVR) is a minimally invasive operation that replaces a thickened aortic valve that can't fully open. The aortic valve (aorta) lies between the left lower heart chamber (left ventricle) and the body's main artery. Blood flow from the heart to the body is diminished if the valve does not open properly.

Aortic valve stenosis can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, and exhaustion. The TAVI procedure can help restore blood flow and lessen the signs and symptoms of aortic valve stenosis.

Candidature for TAVI procedure

If you have an aortic valve condition and are too high-risk for open heart surgery, your doctor may consider a TAVI operation. One of your heart's four main valves is the aortic valve. 

When your heart beats, it opens and shuts, allowing blood to travel in one direction from your heart to the rest of your body. Calcium can build up on the valve as you grow older, making it harder and thicker. As a result, your aortic valve can't fully open, forcing your heart to work harder to push blood through the narrower valve. 

Aortic stenosis is the medical term for this ailment. You can expect a significant improvement in your lifestyle after undergoing TAVI surgery.

TAVI Procedure at Medanta

At Medanta Hospitals, we make sure to uphold the highest levels of comfort for patients while following rigid safety protocols to ensure their journey to being healthy is quick and worry-free. The TAVI procedure at Medanta is performed by world-class cardiac-surgeons to make sure that you recover fully and fast enough to have the best quality of life post-treatment. 

The TAVI procedure is conducted in the operating room. Throughout the surgery, you will be awake, and your doctor will administer medicine to help you relax. During the procedure, the area will be numbed, and you will be given either a local anaesthetic with sedation or a general anesthetic. This will be discussed with you before your procedure. An artery in your groin or beneath your collarbone shall be implanted with a balloon catheter.

The balloon catheter will be inserted into your heart and placed in the aortic valve opening. The valve will then be opened by the doctor gradually inflating the balloon. The surgeon will place a replacement aortic valve in place using a metal mesh tube to maintain it in place; depending on the type of valve used, the new valve swells on its own or with the help of a balloon. The new valve will be designed to push the injured aortic valve aside.

The balloon will then be deflated, and the balloon catheter will be removed by your surgeon. 

Post Procedure Recovery

Following your TAVI operation, your doctor will closely monitor you and advise you on how long you will need to stay in the hospital. Remember that our Medanta team is committed to helping you get the best possible outcome, and they will be there for you every step of the journey.

You'll be given extensive instructions on how to recuperate and get back to good health before you go home, and it's critical that you follow them. Experience a seamless pathway to comprehensive wellness at Medanta Hospitals.

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