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"Coronavirus Infection: Stay Safe from COVID-19 With Medical Facilities Provided By Medanta"

"Coronavirus Infection: Stay Safe from COVID-19 With Medical Facilities Provided By Medanta"

The Indian healthcare system is taking all measures to be ready for possible outbreaks of the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as is being seen in Italy, Iran, South Korea, and other countries outside the virus’ epicentre - Wuhan, China.


Medanta has taken a number of steps to help curb the spread of this infectious disease in compliance with international and Government-approved standards.


Your Safety Is Our Priority




Medanta not only meets, but exceeds international quality and patient safety benchmarks, ensuring the highest thresholds of processes and practices for the safety of patients and medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.


At the same time, our super specialist doctors and staff are ensuring a care continuum for all tertiary and critical patients suffering from bigger life-threatening medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, etc.


Here’s an overview of the precautionary measures taken at Medanta:


Disinfection Procedures Inside the Hospital



We’ve taken the highest levels of precautions to disinfect 100% surface areas of our OPDs and the lobby:


  • All high-risk areas are cleaned at least 3 times a day or earlier if required with FDA approved disinfectants.
  • Air and water sample monitoring is done at regular intervals to ensure international standard compliance.


State-of-the-art Infrastructure for Best-in-class Treatment


  • 34 negative pressure digitally monitored isolation rooms for infected patients needing airborne isolation precautions.
  • 89 positive pressure isolation rooms with HEPA filters for immunocompromised patients, post-transplant patients, and patients undergoing chemotherapy etc.
  • All admitted patient beds in twin sharing/ cubicles are physically separated by a distance of at least 3 feet/ 1 meter as per international standard for droplet precautions.
  • Each ICU/ Floor has a separate air handling unit (AHU) which ensures that there is no mixing of air in between floors or ICUs as an additional safeguard against cross-transmission of infection.
  • Our state-of-the art Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) & Laundry conduct stringent quality checks to ensure that all consumables and linen used for our patients are sterile and safe. 

    Learn more about Medanta's Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) & Laundry here.


It’s Safe to Meet the Doctor

Coronavirus-related ailments have common flu-like symptoms. All such probable patients are referred to Government hospitals designated for diagnosis and management for COVID-19 as per Government guidelines. 

Our doctors and nurses comply with WHO guidelines on infection prevention by: 

  • Wearing adequate PPE (such as gloves, mask, etc) where indicated during patient care.
  • Ensuring hand-hygiene by use of alcohol-based hand-rub after examining each patient. 
    Learn more about Medanta's stringent hand hygiene protocols here.
  • Disinfecting patient care equipment in between the patients. 

For any query or doubt related to your visit at Medanta, please feel free to contact our HELPLINE no. +91 124 4141414. Tele-consultation option is also available with select doctors.

Medanta Medical Team
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