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Post-COVID Recovery Guide

Most people who have COVID-19 recover completely within a few weeks. But some people - even those who had a mild version of the disease - continue to experience symptoms after the initial recovery. Resuming your life as usual seems exciting, however, it is crucial to progressively pace your return so that your body and mind are adequately prepared.


There are several guidelines you must keep in mind before resuming work and exercises to avoid falling prey to post-COVID fatigue. This post-COVID recovery guide attempts to answer questions regarding dietary requirements, issues related to attention, memory, voice and appetite, vaccination best practices, Long COVID, management of comorbidities and recommended medical tests for people who have recently recovered from COVID-19.


Download this booklet to access guidelines for an integrated holistic approach to post-COVID recovery and follow-up care.


Download Post-COVID Recovery Guide

Dr. Sushila Kataria
Internal Medicine
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