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Mythbuster: Magic Pills and Potions

The immune system of the human body is a multi-organ, cell and tissue-specific protection mechanism. Market researchers project that the market for immune health supplements, which is now flourishing, will reach $28 billion by 2027.


Despite what dishonest marketers may claim, miracle potions do not exist, and there are no beverages with effective secret formulations for boosting immune system activity. Researchers contend that vaccinations against certain diseases are the only effective strategy to boost immunity.


Eating a well-balanced diet and staying physically active in general are the greatest ways to increase the efficacy of the immune system through nutrition. If beverages are a part of a wider, nutritionally sound strategy, then using them to improve immune system activity may be beneficial.


Immunity drinks and their function:


Malnutrition is a big contributor to weakened immune systems, according to experts. Drinks that regularly include essential nutrients may contribute to both avoiding diseases and aiding in their recovery. The body requires following nutrients for the immune system to grow and operate properly:


  1. Proteins: The capacity of the immune system to resist and recuperate from infection by infectious organisms depends heavily on protein and the necessary amino acids.
  2. Vitamin A: It supports the immune system's processes, including the production of antibodies by the body in response to particular illnesses and the mucous cells that line vital organs.
  3. Vitamin D: It promotes the development of immune cells and the immunological system. Autoimmune illnesses are associated with a higher risk when vitamin D levels are low.
  4. Vitamin C: It helps the body develop white blood cells that can fight infections.
  5. Probiotics: They are helpful microorganisms that are sometimes referred to as "the good bacteria" and support a healthy digestive tract.


Drinks for immunity:


Drinks are essential for preserving health. The immune system may be greatly strengthened by just staying hydrated. The vast and varied parts of the immune system, in particular, require water for the body to operate properly.


For instance, the mouth and throat are the first lines of defence for the body, but they are not as effective when someone is dehydrated. Immune-boosting beverages don't always need to be fancy, costly, or blended.


But they should be minimal in sugar and devoid of caffeine. The best place to begin is with water. From there, consumers may select more sophisticated beverages based on their preferences and requirements.


Following are some of the drinks that can be good to consider:


1. Drinks with ginger: Ginger is useful for more than just seasoning stir-fries and soothing upset stomachs. This plant is an antioxidant powerhouse with 14 different bioactive components. These substances have been shown to improve cognitive performance in middle-aged women, and a rat study suggests that they may even shield the brain from oxidative stress-related damage.


2. Drinks with maca roots: Recently, maca root has become more and more well-liked, and for good reason. Men's sexual desire and potentially even sexual function are increased by this native Peruvian herb, according to studies. It has also demonstrated positive effects in improving exercise capacity in male bikers. This hormone stabiliser also works well to combat stress.


3. Drinks with matcha: For a smooth, jitter-free buzz, sip matcha. Flavonoids plus L-theanine, which has a long history of promoting relaxation, are both present in matcha. L-theanine widens the alpha frequency range in the brain, which calms the mind without making you sleepy. L-theanine may enhance mood when combined with caffeine.


4. Drinks with apple cider vinegar: Beyond that delicious vinaigrette, apple cider vinegar has several other uses. Your levels of blood sugar may be directly impacted by this vinegar, assisting you in maintaining constant energy and reducing exhaustion. Additionally, potassium, a crucial element that directly affects our levels of energy, is present in apple cider vinegar.


5. Drinks with turmeric: Turmeric lattes are popular on the internet and they are effective, particularly when it comes to mental wellness. The bioactive component in turmeric known as curcumin, which has been associated with treating anxiety, depression, and other conditions, may achieve this through increasing serotonin and dopamine levels.




A few nutrients play a significant role in illness prevention and recovery, even though there are no magic beverages that may rapidly increase the immune system. People should drink lots of water to keep them hydrated. There is no proof that beverages promoted for their "immune-boosting characteristics" truly do what they claim to do. The best strategy is to include a variety of nutrients in your diet. Additionally, people need to rinse their hands, get adequate rest, and, wherever possible, manage their stress.


Dr. Gaganjot Kaur
Internal Medicine
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