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Do You Feel a Fluttering In Your Chest?

Different symptoms may be described as heart flutter. You can not normally feel a normally beating heart rhythm. However, when due to exercise or stress, you may start feeling your heart racing. Some conditions that affect the heart can also trigger this awareness, also known as palpitations. However,  in some people, the feeling of fluttering may be described as the feeling of skipping a beat or an abnormal heart rhythm. Every individual may experience palpitations and arrhythmias differently.


The heart beats through a complex interaction of its muscles, its valves, the pressure dynamics of blood, and an electrical system that controls its rhythm. If there is an upset in any of these systems, the functioning of your heart may get affected, and it may beat irregularly. An irregular beating rhythm may be picked up sensations inside your chest. In addition, any factor affecting your heart's pumping capacity may also trigger increased heart rate and make you uncomfortable and aware of your heart beating. A drop in blood pressure forces the heart to maintain blood supply through faster, more muscular pumping.


Individuals' descriptions may vary - some describe the feeling as flip-flopping,  pounding,  racing, skipping, or fluttering. 


Many heart flutters are caused by what is known as arrhythmias for any regular heart rhythm. Some arrhythmias are harmless, whereas others have the potential to be dangerous and can even lead to certain death. So, it is essential to get your heart checked by a cardiologist if you feel frequent heart flutters.


The awareness of a heartbeat consciously is known as palpitation. Palpitations may not always be linked with abnormal heart rhythm. But they may indicate something serious. In our article, you can read more about the potential causes of palpitations and when to visit a medical practitioner.


Your cardiologist may suggest you take an echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram, a Holter monitor or other diagnostic tests based on your situation and investigate the root cause of your heart flutter.


Medanta Medical Team
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