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Benefits of Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery

Benefits of Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery


When a patient undergoes surgery in the hospital and is allowed to go home on the same day, it is called outpatient surgery. It is more commonly used by orthopedic surgeons in the treatment of different orthopedic injuries, like fractured bones, torn ligaments, or damage in a joint.

This type of orthopedic surgery is highly popular among patients due to its multiple benefits. The use of the latest surgical technologies also helps patients in recovering faster from all minor orthopedic problems. They only need to rest for a few hours at the hospital before heading home with all the prescriptions and directions given by their orthopedic surgeons.

 The following are the prime reasons that prompt orthopedic surgeons to conduct outpatient surgery to treat different orthopedic diseases of their patients.

Low cost of treatment

If patients need to stay in the hospital for a few days for post-surgery observation and treatment, they may have to pay a hefty amount as hospital bills. Even health insurance may not be sufficient to cover all the treatment costs in such cases of post-operative treatment. So, it is a huge burden on a person from a financially mediocre background. Therefore, outpatient orthopedic surgery can be a savior for them where they do not need to stay in the hospital even for a day. The patient only needs to bear the surgery fee and costs of medicines in this case, which should not be too burdensome.  Insurance companies are also more willing to pay the low cost of outpatient surgery. So, nothing can be better than an outpatient surgery to cure painful orthopedic issues that cannot be treated only by medicines.

Easy to fit into a hectic schedule

Many people work on a tight schedule where they cannot take a day off. So, they find it very difficult to take out a few days off for their orthopedic surgeries and post-surgical treatment. Outpatient surgery is the best option for these people who need urgent treatment for their orthopedic diseases. Orthopedic surgeons release their patients on the same day, just after a few hours of observation and post-surgical medical treatment. Thus, it becomes much easier for patients to balance their medical treatment with their demanding working hours. They do not need to apply for leave even for a day to undergo outpatient surgery. They also do not need to reschedule their working appointments in most cases, as outpatient orthopedic surgeries usually do not continue for long hours. Patients only need to discuss their convenient time for surgery with their orthopedic surgeons.

 Further treated can be done from home

The hospital stay may not be comfortable for everyone, despite the best infrastructure provided there. Many elderly people and children prefer the comfort of home rather than resting on a hospital bed. They do not like to be away from their dear ones, and be with the hospital crew who are strangers to them. Orthopedic surgeons recommend outpatient surgeries for such patients. Attending doctors prescribe post-surgical medicines and tutor caregivers on how to take care of these patients. Family members need to provide the right environment for a speedy recovery of patients undergoing outpatient orthopedic surgeries.

Prevents loss of income

Lots of people, mainly the laborers in different sectors, are paid daily for their work. They do not get any payment if they are absent from work. Conventional surgeries mean a loss of income for these people when they need to stay in a hospital bed for a few days. Thus, orthopedic surgeons suggest outpatient surgeries for these patients so that they can be released on the same day from the hospital.


Less waiting time for surgery

An outpatient orthopedic surgery typically takes 60 – 90 minutes, which is much lesser than the time needed for traditional surgery. Thus, patients do not need to wait for long to undergo their surgeries, especially when performed by reputed surgeons. There is also hardly any risk of delay in the schedule due to the quickness of outpatient surgery, which uses modern surgical tools.

However, it would be best if you visit a competent orthopedic surgeon who is experienced in conducting outpatient surgeries for the treatment of various minor and major orthopedic diseases. It would be easier for a doctor to explain the reasons why he prefers outpatient surgery if you are already aware of its benefits. Now, this type of surgery can be performed in the office of a surgeon, and you do not need to visit an operation theater for it. So, it is most convenient for an orthopedic patient in all aspects.

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