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Benefits of Homecare

Traditionally hospitals have always been the centre of healthcare delivery. Whether it be a basic treatment or a specialized surgery, hospitals have mostly remained the first preference for treatment by almost every patient. However, in the past few years, this trend has started to shift. Even though care at home was in its cradle a few years ago and healthcare establishments were still considering the best available options to make it mainstream, the recent pandemic accelerated homecare and made this transition appealing.


Here are a few reasons why care-away-from-home is slowly gaining momentum:


Care for the Elderly: Frequent hospital visits can be extremely challenging for older adults. Homecare saves them from unnecessary visits to the hospital by providing access to video consults and at-home nurses. This way, they can recover independently in the comfort of their home.


Affordable Care: Treatment at the hospital involves more cost. A lot of travel and ad hoc expenses can be avoided at home. Quality healthcare can be delivered at home to patients via homecare.


Personalized Care: Homecare can be more personalized in its approach. Doctors can easily provide one-to-one attention and a care plan suited specifically for the patient. To make things easier, at home nurses can monitor diet and medication to ensure a faster recovery.


Patient Comfort: Recovering at home in the company of family members allows one an ecosystem of comfort and familiarity. There is also a feel-good factor that elevates the mood and supports recovery.


Accessibility: In India, access to quality healthcare is a major issue. Many remote towns and villages experience higher mortality rates due to a lack of healthcare services and staff. Homecare can potentially bridge this gap.


Shorter Hospital Stays: Often a time patients must spend many days in the hospital post-op for recovery. With homecare, once the primary procedure is over, and if it is feasible, patients can be sent home under the supervision of trained nurses who can monitor recovery at home.


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