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6 Myths About Cholesterol Everyone Needs To Dispel

1. All Cholesterol Is Bad

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is naturally produced in our bodies and critical to our functioning. It is a part of all cellular wall linings, produces bile acids to enable digestion and synthesises new hormones. We need Cholesterol. What we don't need are abnormal levels, especially of the Low-density lipoprotein or LDLs.

2. Thin People Don't Suffer From High Cholesterol.

Genes play a large part in your likelihood of having high cholesterol. This is why it is important to regularly test your cholesterol levels even if you are not overweight as your genetic risk factors (much like sedentary lifestyles) can heavily influence your cholesterol levels.

3. You Can Burn Cholesterol With Exercise

Much like fats, cholesterol is also technically categorised as 'lipids'. But they can't just be “burnt off” with exercise alone. You will have to take appropriate cholesterol medication as well as follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to bring down your triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

4. Children Don't Suffer From High Cholesterol

While cholesterol is typically associated with adults, it can affect children too. Family history, poor diet and obesity are the three main triggers for childhood cholesterol problems.

5. Cholesterol Can Only Be Lowered by Taking Medicine

Complete reliance on just cholesterol-lowering drugs will not guarantee a reversal of your condition. Follow a holistic combination of diet, exercise and medication to embrace a healthy cholesterol level.

6. Cholesterol Only Comes From Food

Your body can also naturally produce medium to large amounts of cholesterol depending on your genetic makeup. Add low cholesterol foods like lean meats, green vegetables and low-fat dairy to your diet to control your cholesterol.

Medanta Medical Team
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