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5 common orthopedic conditions you need to know about

5 common orthopedic conditions you need to know about


There are 206 bones in our body constituting our skeletal system. These bones are attached to our muscles with the help of connective tissues. Connective tissues are what make our joints easier to move.


Over the years, our joints become painful and stiff. This may be due to old age or other reasons such as accidents or injury. Pain in different joints of our body such as knees, shoulders, feet, hands, neck, shoulder, etc is quite a common issue faced by the elderly. Most of them dismiss the pain by treating it with some over-the-counter medications. However, if the pain is consistent, it may need immediate medical care.


Orthopedic disorders are issues that affect the joints in our body. Commonly, these disorders are due to old age. However, there seems to be an increasing incidence of orthopedic disorders caused by accidents or injuries. It is imperative to get timely medical treatment for such disorders. Leaving such conditions untreated severely affects the quality of life in orthopedic patients.


Let us look at some common orthopedic disorders:


  • Arthritis-


It is a condition that results in redness and inflammation in one or more joints of the body. This condition directly affects the tendons and the ligaments attached to the bone as they swell or become stiff. It results in painful movement as friction between the joints increases.


  • Osteoarthritis-


It is a type of arthritis that affects the common weight-bearing joints such as the knees, hips, and spine. This condition destroys the connective tissue between the bones, increasing friction, thereby pain.


  • Bursitis-


Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac between the joints of our body. These bursae are situated at all the major joints such as our shoulders, knee, Achilles tendon, hips, and elbows. Though this is a short-term condition, it can be quite painful and may limit the motion of the affected joint.


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome-


This is another common orthopedic condition. A carpal tunnel is located at the bottom of our wrist. When a nerve passes through it is compressed or pinched, it causes pain to the thumb and the three middle fingers. 


  • Osteoporosis-


An orthopedic disorder quite common among aging women, osteoporosis is a condition wherein the bones become weak and brittle. This increases the chances of fractures. The hips, spine, and wrists are most commonly affected by this condition.


Risks factors for these common orthopedic disorders


Orthopedic conditions such as arthritis are commonly age-related. However, there are other risk factors that may increase your chances of developing an orthopedic condition. These factors are-


  • Age- Orthopedic conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis are quite prevalent in elderly patients.
  • Heredity- A family history of arthritis or osteoporosis may boost the chances of these issues developing in the current generation.
  • Weight- While overweight people are in danger of developing arthritis, osteoporosis is quite widespread in people, who are skinny and have less muscle mass.
  • Lifestyle factors- A sedentary lifestyle may lead to increased chances of arthritis. However, exercise or activity done without padding the joints or putting too much pressure on them may lead to bursitis. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive hand movements such as typing or a sport involving the use of hands, done over a long period.


Prevention of common orthopedic disorders


Certain orthopedic conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis cannot be prevented as they are mostly age-related or hereditary. However, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, and a host of other orthopedic conditions can be prevented through the following ways-


  • Taking a break from repetitive activities can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • You can easily avoid bursitis by doing a proper warm-up exercise before a physical activity
  • You can prevent osteoporosis by having a calcium-rich diet and avoiding alcohol and caffeine intake.


Treatment of common orthopedic conditions


Joint pain can be quite severe and can significantly reduce movement. Over a long period, this can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life. Doctors can treat most orthopedic disorders through physical therapy or a combination of medicines and therapy.


  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis require anti-rheumatic drugs and other medications to manage the pain.
  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) or massage is quite popular to manage bursitis and other orthopedic conditions.
  • Steroid injections are another way of treating certain orthopedic conditions.
  • Braces and splints provide the necessary support to the affected joints and are a part of treatment plans for most orthopedic conditions.
  • Surgery is the last resort for orthopedic conditions that are difficult to manage, such as severe arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.


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It is possible to live a pain-free life while suffering from orthopedic conditions. A proper preventive/treatment plan and a healthy, active lifestyle will go a long way in ensuring that you live comfortably and stress-free.

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