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About Medanta’s Preventive Health Program

At Medanta, we have transformed the traditional health checks from a mere data-gathering checklist into a fully integrated, comprehensive 360° evaluation, including physical, mental and lifestyle asse.....

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At Medanta, we have transformed the traditional health checks from a mere data-gathering checklist into a fully integrated, comprehensive 360° evaluation, including physical, mental and lifestyle assessments by some of the best medical experts, with help of cutting edge diagnostics and radiology services.Our health assessment takes a holistic approach to all aspects, including lifestyle, nutrition, physical posture, stress, genomics, as well as mental and social wellness.The highly-qualified team helps you understand medical reports, explaining the underlying risks and working along with them to formulate a health plan based on gender, age, lifestyle, previous medical history and current health check results.

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Choosing Medanta for Preventive Health Checks

Medanta understands that in this fast paced world, your health is of prime importance. Hence we bring to you customized health checks done by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Early detection
Early detection
Manage health conditions
Manage health conditions
Regular monitoring
Regular monitoring of health parameters
Improved quality of life
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Increased life span

An effective wellness program manages an individual’s health and supports the individual in becoming aware of and practicing choices to create a healthy lifestyle.

Hear it from the experts:

Once you book a Health Checkup with us, our team ensures you get a hassle-free experience right from the moment you enter our facility so the entire process can be completed in the least possible time. 

How frequent should health check-ups be?
  • The recommended frequency for undergoing a health check would vary from one person to another, depending upon their current health status. According to globally accepted recommendations, healthy individuals below 40 years should be getting a health check done once a year, whereas people above the age of 40 should get it done once in 6 months

How frequent should  health check-ups be?
What type of health check-up package to choose?
  • Your past medical history, present health concerns, family medical history and risk factors help to determine the health check-up that would best assess your health status. At Medanta, we have developed an AI-based tool that can help you design your own unique health check package by answering a few simple questions about your health

What type of health check-up  package to choose?
Experience a medical wellness journey
  • Right from the moment you enter the ecosystem, each and every step of the process is meticulously and carefully undertaken by our expert team of doctors and medical professionals. A well-curated wellness funnel takes you on a voyage that involves getting your vitals tested, undergoing thorough checkups, availing of the necessary diagnostic and curative procedures, and so much more!

Popular Packages
Full body check-up for senior men
Medanta Years to Life(Male)
₹ 28000
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Full body check-up for senior women
Medanta Years to Life(Female)
₹ 28000
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Whole Body Check Male
₹ 25000
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Whole Body Check Female
₹ 25000
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Whole Body Check Male
Whole Body Check Male
₹ 25000
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Medanta Executive Whole Body Check Men
₹ 19000
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Medanta Executive Whole Body Women
₹ 19000
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Medanta Hypertension Screening Package - Advance
Medanta Hypertension Screening Package - Advance
₹ 15200
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What are the things to do before a health check-up?

Make sure you have not eaten anything for 10-12 hours prior to your check-up. Get sufficient rest before the health check. Avoid fatty meals, alcohol and smoking 24 hours prior to your health check. Please refer to the section on detailed guidelines under package details.

Who requires a health check-up?

Everyone needs a health check-up, no matter how healthy an individual is. The most common causes of premature death in the world are due to heart, lung, bowel, kidney disease and cancer. Early detection is an important form of disease prevention. Getting a check-up periodically is a good step to staying healthy always. It is recommended to have a health check-up at an early age for those with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol or heart disease and also for individuals who have a smoking habit or with any of the health risk behaviours.

What is the health check-up about?

A health check-up allows you to “know your numbers”. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index are important markers of your overall health that indicate a healthier life. The Key Health Indicators are checked and any deviations will be observed carefully by our physicians and necessary advice would be provided to improve these.

How frequently is a health check-up required?

The interval is specific to an individual depending on their health status. The general classification would be that beyond the age of 40 an individual must undergo bi-annual health check-ups and below the age of 40, they must undergo annual check-ups. 

How is the health check-up conducted?

We carry all the assessments in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere at our dedicated space for health check-ups. A health check team will help you through the stages of the health check-up so that you can navigate easily through the check-up.
 You will be initially subjected to the definitive investigations depending upon the package you select. Later, when the results are examined by a qualified doctor, suitable medical advice is given & necessary steps to improve your health can be taken. Reports are reviewed by the doctor and you would be requested to come for your post health check consultations after 2 days. If there are any specified tests that require more time, you will be notified.

Why do I need a health check-up?

Regular medical check-ups are important to verify that you are in a normal state of health and to detect any medical issues before they crop up. They are also important in treating diseases/disorders in their early stages greatly improving chances of complete cure. This leads to a happier, healthier and longer life. They are a form of Preventive Health Initiatives or preventive health check-ups.

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