What is Mammography?

Mammography is an X-ray technique which is used to obtain a picture of the breast. X-ray of the breast is performed by exposure of the breast to low doses of radiations. For a few seconds, breasts are compressed between two thin plates. Mammography is used in early detection of breast cancer, typically through detection of characteristic masses or microcalcifications.

With the Mammography machine available at Medanta, radiologists can get a deep insight of the body in 2D and 3D form, which results in early detection with better accuracy.

What makes Mammography so unique?

  • The Mammography technique uses low dose X-Ray to detect cancer at early stages, even before the women experience any symptoms.
  • The Siemens Mammomat, the technology used by Medanta is...

How does it help?

The Mammography technology is generally used either for diagnosis or screening purpose in the evaluation of a breast lump

Used to Treat
  • Diagnostic mammography

    It is used for investigation of suspicious changes in breast such as breast lump, breast pain, unusual skin appearance, thick nipples or discharge in nipples. A diagnostic mammogram consists of additional mammogram images. It is also used to evaluate abnormal findings on a screening mammogram.

  • Screening mammography

    This technique is used for finding out breast alterations in women who show observable symptoms of breast abnormalities. The technology can show changes in the breast tissues two years before the patient or the physician starts to feel them.

How is it done?

What are the benefits & risks of this technology?

The cutting-edge technology of Mammography can detect the breast tissue abnormalities two years before the physician or the patient even experiences the symptoms. 

  • Mammography helps in detecting the breast cancer as early as possible.
  • The technology helps the doctors to decide the course of action and also gives the patient the required time to cope with the symptoms and signs.

  • Exposure to low-dose radiation: the exposure is within limits and mostly the benefits outweigh the harms of exposure.
  • The results are not always accurate: the accuracy depends on the skills and the techniques used by the radiologists. Age and breast density may also affect the

How does Medanta provide care?

Medanta radiologists work with our oncologists, breast surgeons and other medical specialists to ensure that the highest standard of care is being offered to all our patients.  Our radiology team ...

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