Diabetic Foot Vascular Surgery

What is Diabetic Foot Vascular Surgery?

Diabetic foot vascular surgery is a treatment for an open wound, known as diabetic foot ulcers, on the foot of a diabetic person.  

How does it help?

The goal of treatment is to accelerate the healing process and to decrease the chances of further infection. The treatment also aims to prevent the recurrence of the infection a...

How is it done?

What are the benefit and risks of this procedure?

The treatment has revolutionised the world of medical procedures, but as any other surgery, it also has a few risks and limitations associated with it.

The advantages of this surgery are:

  • The surgery controls infection and creates an environment favourable for healing.
  • The surgery also increases the structural and physical integrity of the foot.
  • The procedure also prevents the development...

  • Reaction to general anaesthesia.
  • Infection.

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