Arterial Thromboendarterectomy

What is Arterial Thromboendarterectomy?

Arterial Thromboendarterectomy is a treatment which involves the opening of an artery. It is basically performed to treat a cerebrovascular disease where there is a considerable reduction of blood supply to the brain. It is also carried out to cure peripheral vascular disease. 

How does Arterial Thromboendarterectomy help?

The surgery helps in removing deadly chronic clots of blood from the blood vessels of the lungs which could not be treated with medication. 

How is Arterial Thromboendarterectomy done?

What are the benefits and risks of Arterial Thromboendarterectomy procedure?

The surgery has revolutionised the world of medical procedure. It brings with itself a lot of advantages, but has some risks too, which the patient should be aware of. 

The advantages of the Arterial Thromboendarterectomy surgery are:

  • The surgical process efficiently removes any obstruction inside the blood vessel.
  • The procedure also re-establishes the vascular channel to ensure proper flow of fluids.
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The risks associated with the Arterial Thromboendarterectomy surgery are:

  • Mortality of the operation is around five percent.
  • Pulmonary vessels may rupture due to increased pressure.
  • Reaction to anaesthesia.

The limitations of the procedure are:

  • Development of new chronic clots.

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