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Ways to Help Yourself During a Flare- Up of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

One might not give enough importance to their digestive system, but specific negligence can
result in highly dreadful circumstances. Some of them are Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
These are the major types of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The former can affect absolutely
any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus, and the latter can affect the large
intestines. These instances do not have a cure yet but can be managed to get under control.
Certain stages of IBD treatment involve medication, while the other severe cases require
surgeries. If you are witnessing a flare-up, you should look after yourself to keep the system
under support. Here are listed some ways to keep your health under check.

Talk to people about what you are witnessing

If you understand that you are going through a flare-up, you must open out to people close to
you. This way, they will know what is happening to you. It would help if you let them know how
you are affected by the flare-up. They will also gain an understanding of your situation, and it
will make you feel better. They can also extend help and support to you in the best and most
appropriate way. Be honest about your symptoms and ask them to listen to you.

Go to the doctor

It would help if you were doing this without being advised. If you are witnessing a severe flare-
up, the first thing you should be doing is visiting the doctor. The flares are standard, but if the
situations expedite and you face any of the following symptoms, head to the emergency
● severe stomach cramping
● rectal bleeding
● fever
● chronic diarrhea

It becomes necessary for the practitioner to check you and run the tests required to see how
your body is reacting. They should also understand if the flare is severe and give you their
medical input.

Take time off work

Working in this situation won't do any good to you now. Your body must rest and recuperate. It
is better to ask your doctor to sign you a sick note to sign yourself off from work. It is incredibly
foolish to take this extra stress on your health. You need to take measures to focus more on
your well-being and not worsen the situation anymore. Health should always be your priority,
and educate your workplace about IBD if they do not already know. Talk to your boss about the
situation face to face. Tell him about the disease, how it is taking a toll on you, and what support
you need from your workplace.

Cut out stress from your life.

Stress is highly harmful to your body, and so it is to your gut. Hence, it becomes necessary to
provide a stress-free environment for the stomach. You can cut off social media, TV, news, or
people who do not understand you to feel better. Also, you can try out mental calming
techniques like meditation or relaxation. Try every method that brings you mindfulness. You can
also try out specific applications meant to bring you the peacefulness of mind. You can also
exercise to de-stress your body. You will find your head clearing even after a short walk outside.
Sessions from the therapist can also bring in desired results.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel better

It is necessary for you to feel comfortable throughout the day. The times of the flares must be
treated like the ways when you would take school leaves in times of flu. You can consider
hopping into the pajamas and having a warm bottle placed right above your stomach. Go along
with watching your favorite TV show and think more about spending the time in relaxation. To
focus more on your recovery, try staying away from your phone. You can also arrange for a self-
care kit to pamper yourself in the worst times of your needs. Do you not know how to proceed
with things and what to keep in it? Just find a suitable bag and stuff within it with the following:

● Pajamas
● Hot water bottle
● Favorite chocolates
● Books
● A candle
● A face mask
● Headphones
● Some tea bags
● A bath bomb
● Sleep mask
● Pain medication

Make sure that you are taking great care of yourself

Inflammatory bowel disease causes a lot of different symptoms in different individuals. Some
might want to thrive themselves with fruits and vegetables, which others cannot. Your body
must get adequate nourishment even when you are in the flares. You need to eat and drink
enough and take enough care of yourself. Hunger and dehydration are a big no-no. Get all the
energy you can store in yourself, even if you constantly consume lower amounts. You can also
take medical help to rehydrate your body.

Join the online support groups

Sometimes, talking with the people who will get it, is a necessity. If people do not understand
what you are going through, you might also not benefit from the advice they give you. They can
also offend you at times with their judgemental comments. You can join online support groups
through Facebook or Twitter to negate these possibilities and talk your heart out. The best part
about these is that you do not even need to step out of your house. It will be comforting for you
to hear from people who have the proper knowledge and experience.


aMany people are going through the same problems daily. Once you can hear from people
having the right experience and guidance for you, you will feel more confident in your path of
wellness. You can get on relevant social support groups and find relevant blogs matching your
situation. This will help you have a better understanding of your disease, and this way, you can
educate others too. You will soon realize that you are not alone, making the fight a bit easier on
your end.

Medanta Medical Team
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