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Treating Brain Cancer - Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

Treating Brain Cancer - Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

Knowing what to expect and being prepared is a great first step to treatment and recovery from Brain Cancer. Having clear communication with your doctor is of utmost importance for anybody diagnosed with brain cancer.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with brain cancer, chances are that you will have a lot of questions to ask before going into treatment. It is a life-changing event and can be quite nerve-wracking without guidance. 

Brain Cancer Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor


Here are 10 important questions you must ask your doctor before beginning any treatment for brain cancer:

  1. What type and stage of brain cancer do I have? 

  2. What part of my brain is affected and what is its function?

  3. Can it be surgically removed and how much of the tumour can be removed from the treatment?

  4. Will I need other forms of treatment such as Chemotherapy if the surgical procedure is not enough?

  5. What are the side effects of these therapies?

  6. Are there any clinical trials going on that might suggest a better treatment option?

  7. Will there be any lasting problems after my treatment?

  8. What should I expect after my treatment regarding my health and lifestyle?

  9. What will be the next steps after my treatment?

  10. Are there any support groups nearby that I can connect with?
Medanta Medical Team
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