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Total Knee Replacement Surgery of Jayant Kumar Singh


Jayant Had a Duck Elbow

Mr. Jayant Kumar Singh, a 49-year-old resident of Lucknow, was wrestling with an issue with both knees for five years. To put it more precisely, he had a problem with curved knees. To get rid of it with the right medical advice, he decided to visit a specialist. Next, he contacted Medanta and got an appointment with Dr Dharmendra Singh for a thorough check-up.


Jayant Visited Medanta for an Appointment with Dr Dharmendra Singh

Upon examining Jayant’s knees, the doctor found out that both his knees had a curvy shape. He concluded that Jayant was facing an issue while walking and moving from one place to the other for his day-to-day activities due to this problem. The doctor noticed that whenever he (Jayant) extended one of his feet for a forward movement, the upper part of the feet (or the trunk) bent at an angle. This anomaly posed a serious challenge to Mr Jayant Kumar’s movement and prevented him from walking normally.


After further examination of the issue with meticulous attention, the doctor found that Jayant had a problem which in medical terms is called a “duck elbow”. Jayant entered the doctor’s chamber with this condition. He was experiencing acute pain and discomfort in the knee region while describing his condition to Dr Singh.


According to him, his feet (though he meant to say his knees) were fully damaged when he appeared before Dr Singh for a check-up. Such was the condition of his knees that prevented him from even performing simple day-to-day tasks like walking, climbing the stairs, driving a car, and so on.


Dr Dharmendra Singh Advised Joint Replacement Surgery

After a thorough examination, Dr Singh concluded that Jayant’s case was that of severe osteoarthritis. This condition was primarily responsible for the curved knees of the patient. The condition prevented the flexibility of the joints of both knees.


Dr Singh advised Jayant to undergo knee replacement surgery to get rid of the problem. Initially, Jayant was sceptical about it as he had his doubts. He was not sure if it would be safe after consulting several doctors before. However, he did his research and learned about Dr Singh's reputation and his efficiency in performing knee operation. So, despite being reluctant initially, he finally agreed to undergo it after getting assurance from the doctor.


Jayant Underwent Knee Replacement Surgery

At the time of the knee operation, the team of experts that was supervising Jayant’s operation had to deal with two major issues. Firstly, his legs were bent inwards at an angle of nearly 35 degrees. Besides, he also had a fixed flexion deformity (FFD) of about 30 degrees on both feet.


After initiating the operation, Dr Dharmendra Singh began the total knee replacement procedure on the first day. In line with it, the patient was made to walk on his feet from day 1. The doctor kept giving him instructions from time to time to make it simple and easy for the patient to follow the steps of the procedure. 


Jayant followed the doctor’s instructions and worked accordingly to become fit for discharge. As he didn’t show any complications at the time of discharge, he was discharged at the right time without any delay.


Being Satisfied with the Results, Jayant is Thankful to Dr Dharmendra Singh and Medanta 

Before the total knee replacement operation, Jayant had consulted many doctors. He also did whatever research he could on his own to find out more about the safety of the operation. From what he could learn, he concluded that while undergoing surgery can transform his life; it would also present some challenges. He will have to live with them after the surgery. 


However, Dr Dharmendra Singh changed this perception by performing the knee operation with finesse. He paid meticulous attention to all the details to make sure everything went according to the plan. From the initiation of the operation to the final moment when Jayant remained fully committed to ensuring the safety of the patient.


As far as Jayant is concerned, he attributes his ability to stand and walk on his feet to Dr Singh’s successful surgery. He is grateful to the doctor for the surgery which transformed his life.


In most cases, curved feet or feet in the shape of a bow make it difficult for individuals to work. When nothing else seems to work, a total knee replacement surgery can work wonders. If you have this condition, do not hesitate to reach out to an expert at Medanta by booking an appointment here. A successful knee replacement surgery can transform your life.


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