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Taking Care of Your Emotional Wellbeing Amidst COVID-19

The experience of having COVID-19 can be very stressful with fear and anxiety. The disease may impact your emotional wellbeing along with your physical wellbeing. The psychological impact of infection can vary from immediate effects, like:

  • Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones, your financial situation or job, or loss of support services you rely on
  • Fear of social stigma
  • Irritability, anger, confusion
  • Frustration, loneliness
  • Denial, anxiety, depression, insomnia, despair

How to cope with this stress?

 Here are some things which you can do cope up the stress, fear and anxiety:

  • Take a break from constant watching the news or limit the time for news
  • Stay connected with your loved ones over audio or video calls
  • Re-live your hobbies which you enjoy doing
  • Take adequate rest
  • Maintain healthy diet
  • Do light exercises as your condition permits
  • Do not hide your illness
  • Speak accurately about the risk from COVID-19, based on scientific data and latest official health advice
  • Share positive stories of those who have recovered from COVID-19
Dr. Sushila Kataria
Internal Medicine
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