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How to Plan for a Medical Emergency

Planning For a Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies are any intense sickness or physical injury that can present a danger to your physical well-being. They can come in the form of stressful and disruptive events like heart attacks or strokes and can put you through an emotional and financial crucible. Click next to learn how.

Learn The Warning Signs

Early detection can go a long way in reducing the scope of damage caused during a medical emergency. Learn to watch out for tell-tale warning signs like unabating bleed injuries, sudden chest pain (especially if the patient has difficulty breathing) as well as spells of vomiting or fainting as they can be indicative of a larger medical trauma.

Scope Out Your Nearest Treatment Facilities

Recently moved to a new neighbourhood? Make it a point to scope out your local hospitals or primary health clinics (in the absence of a hospital) to avoid any stress during your medical emergency.

Know Your Emergency Service Providers

Make it a point to save your vital details (Blood group/Allergies) and numbers of local on-call doctors as the I.C.E (in case of emergency) numbers on your phone. You can also dial 112 - India’s national emergency service helpline to get redirected to a local emergency service provider.

Get Basic First Aid Training

A doctor might not always be available in an emergency, this is why it is vital to learn how to use a First Aid kit as well as learn how to conduct life-saving first aid techniques like Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR (used on someone whose breathing heart or breathing has stopped) or Heimlich Manoeuvre (used to clear choked pathways).

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Finally, it is essential that you make a note of important details like your family’s blood groups and medical allergies and keep these details in an easily retrievable location like your wallet or mobile phone to ensure there are no delays or unintended side effects to medication.

Medanta Medical Team
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