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For Prolonged Desk Bound Workers: Sitting May Cause Some Serious Health Consequences

For Prolonged Desk Bound Workers: Sitting May Cause Some Serious Health Consequences

In today’s advanced world, desk bound work lifestyles are on the rise. More and more people are spending hours in front of their desks and screens. While the comfort and ease of technology has changed our world, it has also given rise to a silent epidemic: prolonged sitting. It is important to identify that a mere act like sitting for long periods can have major health consequences. To shed light on these diseases, we turn to receive some valuable insights from none other than Dr. Vivek Dahiya, Director of the Institute of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Orthopaedics at Medanta, Gurugram. His expertise serves as a guiding light on various hidden health impacts of this sedentary lifestyle. 


Table of content:

  • Hidden dangers of desk-bound work
  • Feet swelling and tightness of muscles
  • Problems of postures and spinal aches
  • Prioritising health at work


Hidden Dangers of Desk-Bound Work


Sitting for a long-time during work can take a toll on both body and mind. Physically, it can cause pain in feet along with swelling. It can even cause knee pain and muscle tightness. As blood concentrates in legs, it can contribute to developing varicose veins. Similarly, spinal health is also at risk when one sits for a long time. Both back and neck pain can be caused due to longer sitting timeframes. In terms of mental health, sitting for a long time can cause issues like depression, anxiety and social isolation. Cardiovascular implications can be equally worrisome. It can increase blood pressure and give birth to diseases like diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol and more. 


Feet Swelling and Tightness of Muscles


One of the instant outcomes of long sitting is the gradual onset of feet swelling. Dr. Vivek Dahiya shares how a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the retention of fluids in the feet. It can result in uncomfortable swelling. More than that, sitting for a long period of time can cause muscles to become extremely tight which can trigger various kinds of pain like knee pain.  


Problems of Postures and Spinal Aches:


Poor posture during work can cause weakening consequences which also includes spinal aches. When a person slouches or hunches, immense pressure is put on the spine’s discs’. This leads to premature wear and tear of the spine. With time, an increase in pain along with neck and back pain can be observed. Furthermore, inadequate support or unwell designs in workplaces can contribute even more to the issues. To counter this problem, maintaining good posture with regular breaks of stretching and mobility is extremely important. 


Prioritising Health at Work


Dr. Vivek Dahiya, an expert in the field, shares how prioritising health at work can be highly beneficial. He suggests strategies like walking for a short time every other hour of sitting. Moreover, keeping the back straight and stretching various body parts like arms and legs can also help. Apart from workstations, individuals should indulge in a 45 minutes walk on a daily basis. People can also rely on sporting activities. 


To end the discussion, he suggests how sitting at the right place also matters. A well-lit area should always be the first preference. It should be an avoiding solution for artificial light or artificially driven areas. Natural light with a lot of fresh air can enhance one’s health instantly. Having a desk that can function as per your needs can also be a great strategy. This way you can fix it while standing and sitting. This can give you a chance to stand. Overall, be conscious of your health at workplaces and during your regular lives anywhere.


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