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Do’s and Don’t for Properly Wearing a Mask During COVID -19

When you are wearing a facemask

  • Do secure the elastic bands around your ears
  • Do secure the ties at the middle of your head and base of your head

When wearing a facemask, don’t do the following:

  • Don’t wear your face mask under your nose or mouth
  • Don’t allow a strap to hang down. Don’t cross the straps
  • Don’t touch or adjust your facemask without cleaning your hands before and after
  • Don’t wear your face mask on your head
  • Don’t wear your face mask around your neck
  • Don’t wear your face mask around your arm 4

Do’s and Don’t for Wearing a Mask

When removing a facemask

  • Do remove your facemask touching ONLY straps or ties
  • After removing your mask clean your hands with 70% alcohol-based hand sanitiser or soap and water

Use of exhalation Mask Face Valve

Do not use a facemask with an Exhalation valve because a mask with a valve may protect you from some pathogens in the air, but it doesn’t protect the people around you from your own breath. When you wear a mask with a valve, a significant portion of your exhaled air is entirely unfiltered. Masks with valves are meant to protect from pollution.

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