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A Guide to Prevent Orthopaedic Issues and Maintain Stronger Bones in Men

A Guide to Prevent Orthopaedic Issues and Maintain Stronger Bones in Men

Orthopaedic health plays an important role in the overall health condition in men. The skeletal system that contains several bones offers a base for mobility and activeness in men. Along with joints and muscles, the bones also help in other activities in men. But as men age, they face various orthopaedic problems like osteoarthritis, lower back pain and sports related injuries. This can bring several kinds of discomfort and limitation in a man’s daily life. 


However, the key to maintain and minimise the impact of these problems lies in early prevention. Forging a strong foundation at a young age can limit the risk of developing these abnormalities to a great extent in later life. The following blog serves as a guide for men to prevent and manage their bones effectively.

Table of content:

  • Why does young age matter?
  • Common orthopaedic problems in men
  • Preventive measures for young men


Why Does Young Age Matter?


No matter how much we emphasise the fact that young age matters highly, it is always less. All of the choices and habits in young age can result in different ways in later stages of life. It can influence hugely in our older stages. One major aspect of concern has to be bone density. It is the measure of one’s bone strength. During early years of life, bones are in the method of processing bone density which reaches its highest at the age of 30 in men. After this peak age, the density of bones gradually declines. This makes them more open to fractures and other kinds of damages. Furthermore, this can also include degenerative conditions in men. 


Lifestyle choices can directly affect any person. Engaging in activities that bear weight can result in bone health improvement and density increase. These activities may include brisk walking, running and weightlifting. Moreover, a great diet routine which is rich in calcium and different vitamins, can support healthy bone growth over the years. By adopting positive lifestyle choices, individuals can help themselves in later stages of life. They are simply contributing to their future in their present. 


Common Orthopaedic Problems in Men:


Orthopaedic problems in men are very common as they age. It impacts the overall quality of a man’s life along with mobility. Several common problems like orthopaedic problems deserve attention. This includes:


  1. Injuries in hand and wrist: Men are exposed to various kinds of activities. Hence, they are very prone to hand and wrist related injuries. Demanding occupations can lead to a man’s sprains and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. This can affect their day-to-day activities to a huge extent.


  1. Osteoarthritis: Often said as wear and tear arthritis, osteoarthritis is a leading bone related problem in men. It is caused when the protective cartilage that supports the edges of bones wears down with time. This leads to pain and stiffness in the body. The affected areas majorly include knees, hips and spine.


  1. Sports-related injuries and ligament tears: An active lifestyle of a man can cause different sports related injuries and ligament tears like ACL tears in the knee region. This can result in chronic instability and disturbance in comfort.


All the symptoms of orthopaedic problems in men like chronic pain, discomfort and reduced mobility can result in degradation of their life. It can also affect their mental well-being as it leads to a decrease in their freedom. Understanding the intensity of these diseases can save several lives at once. Assuring a healthier and conscious lifestyle can contribute as key strategies for men to save themselves.


Preventive Measures For Young Men:


Being proactive has always proven to be beneficial, no matter the disease or situation. Taking proactive actions from a young age can assure a strong and resistant musculoskeletal system. Below are some highly effective preventive steps that young men can include their daily lives:


  1. Physical activity: Regular exercise can benefit in several ways. One of the ways that regular physical activity can benefit is to keep you healthy. It can help you build resilient bones and improve joint health. Yoga, swimming, running and other similar activities can be the key methods to counter any bone related problem in future.
  2. Nutrition: Human body can never be healthy without the right amount of nutrition. A well-balanced diet on a daily basis can lead to big results in future. It might seem like a mere healthy meal on a daily basis, but it collectively jots down to be a great future for any man. Food items like green leaves, dairy products and even meat can help one build a great bone structure overall. 
  3. Posture maintenance: Apart from the basics, maintaining posture can also help in maintaining bone health. It can prevent chronic pain and damage. 


Considering these steps can become a guide to living a healthy life in future for a man. Applying them consciously and personalising the techniques can provide more benefits. 


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