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8 Foods That Can Make You Gain Weight

Foods That Are Fattening

People overeat and gain weight for many reasons. One major cause is eating too many calories. Certain foods are more problematic than others, including processed foods high in added fat, sugar, and salt. Here are 8 foods that can make you gain weight.

01 - Regular Soda Is Full Of Calories

Sugar-sweetened drinks don’t provide any nutrients and add empty calories to your diet. This makes fizzy soda the most fattening thing you can consume. Studies show that people who regularly consume soda stand a high risk of developing not just obesity, but also type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.

02 - Ice-creams Are Full Of Sugar And Fats

Commercially-produced ice creams add a lot of calories to your meal. It’s best to eat it in limitation and ensure you opt for ice-cream that has less than 15 grams of sugar per serving.

03 - Portion Size Is Key When You Love Pizzas

Pizza is high in fat, refined carbs, and calories. They are usually prepared with a lot of cheese and processed, cured, smoked, or salted meat that increases your chance of gaining weight and put you at risk of obesity.

04 - One Portion Of Fries Contain 23gms Of Fat

An average serving of french fries (140gms) contains about 428 calories, making it a poor choice for your diet. French fries and potato chips also contain high amounts of salt and fat which diminish your thirst and increase your hunger, making you overeat.

05 - Peanut Butter Is Not All Healthy

Peanut butter is high in protein and even higher in fat, containing almost 100 calories per spoon. Moderate amounts of it can be healthy, but overeating can lead to gaining weight.

06 - Milk Chocolates And Pastries Are As Bad As Other Junk Foods

Commercially-produced milk and white chocolates contain large amounts of sugar and fat that make it an unhealthy choice. Like most other junk foods, it is easy to overeat and can lead to weight gain.

07 - Packaged Fruit Juices Come With Their Set Of Disadvantages

Whole fruit is a much healthier option to fruit juices, especially canned or packaged varieties. Prepare fresh fruit juices at home and replace sugar with organic honey for sweetening.

08 - Cookies And Doughnuts Are Not Your Best Friend

An average doughnut contains 300 calories and added fats that can put you at risk of gaining weight. When craving for a sweet, help yourself to small portion or a single serving to limit your intake.

‘Healthy’ Habits to Control Weight

Your dietician is the best person to consult with when it comes to gaining or losing weight. Before following any weight loss regime, check with a medical expert.

Medanta Medical Team
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