O-Arm (Spine Suite)

What is O-Arm (Spine Suite)?

Generally, spinal and cranial surgeries are performed on the basis of MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) or CT (Computed Tomography) scan reports, the procedure which is performed outside the operation theatre. Taking the spinal and cranial surgeries a step forward, the O-Arm spine suite has given the doctors the power to control the outcome of surgeries in an outstanding way by real-time monitoring and precision.

The technology is nothing less than a GPS system for the spine. It helps the doctor locate and visualise the exact coordinates of the region that needs to be treated. It offers complete mobility and provides 2D and 3D images in high resolution which helps the surgeon to efficiently perform the surgery.

Why is the technology unique?

• The technology provides an impeccable view which helps the surgeon in visualising the complex and critical parts of the skeletal anatomy.
• The provision of full mobility motorization h...

How does it help?

The view provided by O-Arm is 2 and 3 dimensional. It acquires the real time images in high resolution. The system handles the basic spine procedures with ease. The technology is advanced and confirms accuracy.

Used to treat

How is it done?

What are the benefits and risks of an O – Arm (spine suite)?

The benefits of O-Arm surgery are immense, and the risks are small.

  • Less radiation is required.
  • The OR is not necessary for the imaging process.
  • The images are 2D and 3D.
  • Real -time access.
  • O-Arm (Spine Suite) is multidimensional.
  • Helps in visualising the accuracy and placement.
  • Ease the wo

There are some technical difficulties, such as problems with registration.
Sometimes problems can be faced if the patient is obese.

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