What is Meatoplasty?

A Meatotomy or Meatoplasty is a surgery performed to open the tip (meatus) of the penis. 

How does Meatoplasty help?

The opening at the tip of the penis can be narrow and has to be enlarged to restore normal urine flow. Under Meatoplasty, a surgical cut is made to widen this opening. The surge...

How is Meatoplasty done?

What are the benefits and risks of Meatoplasty procedure?

Meatoplasty is a mainstay to treat urologic problems, but as any other surgery, Meatoplasty also has some risks associated with it. 

The advantages of Meatoplasty procedure are:

This procedure makes the urine flow better and eliminates the other urologic complications such as pain during urination, a thin-distorted urinary stream, blood drop on the tip, and increase in the frequency of urine.

The patient may experience burning or difficulty in peeing. Rare complications such as bleeding and swelling during the Meatoplasty procedure or post procedure may occur. There is very less chance of infection, high fever, and recurrence.

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