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Ipo Documents


Material Documents
B.29 Engagement Letter of CRISIl

September 15, 2022

B.22 Resolutions for appointment of Dr NT as Chairman Heart Institute and CCS

B.23 BR Re-appoinment of Dr NT as CMD

July 25, 2022

B.24 Annual Report 2019-20

B.24 Annual Report 2020-21-1

B.24 Annual Report 2021-22 (1)

B.24 Annual Report 2021-22

B.25 CA Examniation Report

September 02, 2022

B.26 Special tax Benefit Report-1

October 14, 2022

B.27 Assessment of the healthcare delivery market in India

September 26, 2022

B.28 Consent for Assessment of Health Delivery Market CRSIL

September 26, 2022

B.21 Resolutions for appointment of Dr NT as CMD

B.30 Consents 76

B.31 Consent of CA to Include their name

B.32 Consent of RM Marwah CA to Include their name

B.33 Triparty Agreement btw Co-CDSl Registrar

September 09, 2021

B.34 Triparty Agreement btw Co NSDl Registrar

April 09, 2021

B.35 DD Certificate

September 09, 2021

B.36 In Principle Approval

October 21 & 22, 2021

B.37 Final Observation Letter

December 21, 2021


January 28, 2023

B.11 Consent Letter of Investor Selling Shareholder

October 11, 2021



August 08, 2004

B.3 Fresh COI

August 8, 2021

B.4 BR Authorising Offer

September 17, 2021

B.5 Shareholder Resolution Authorising Offer

September 21, 2021

B.6 BR Approving DRHP

September 29, 2021

B.7 BR Approving Addendum to DRHP

B.8 BR and Shareholders Approval for Modification in OFS

B.9 BR RHP Approval

October 22, 2022

B.10 CTC Prospectus Approval

November 9, 2022

B.12 Share Purchase Agreement

May 13, 2017

B.13 Scheme of amalgamation and merger of NTAHS with Co

B.14 SHA

October 29, 2013

B.15 SHA

January 12, 2015

B.16 RJ Corp Investment Agreement Suppl Agreement and Undertaking

B.17 Agreement Dr NT and SS

May 13, 2017


B.19 Agreement for CCPS Conversion

January 04, 2022

B.20 Trademark License Agreement Amendment Agreements and Waiver Letters

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