Material Documents

B.1_CTC of MOA & AOA

B.1.1 CTC of MOA & AOA amended upto 28 January, 2023 


B.3_Fresh COI dated 11.08.2021

B.4_BR_Authorising Offer_17.09.2021

B.5_Shareholder Resolution_Authorising Offer_21.09.2021

B.6_BR Approving DRHP_29.09.2021

B.7_BR Approving Addendum to DRHP

B.8_BR and Shareholders Approval for Modification in OFS

B.9_BR_RHP Approval_22.10.2022

B.10_CTC- Prospectus Approval-November 9 2022

B.11_Consent Letter of Investor Selling Shareholder_11 10 2021

B.12 Share Purchase Agreement_13052017

B.13_Scheme of amalgamation and merger of NTAHS with Co

B.14_SHA _29 10 2013

B.15_SHA _12 01 2015

B.16_RJ Corp_ Investment Agreeement_Suppl Agreement and Undertaking

B.17_Agreement dated 13 05 2017_ Dr NT and SS

B.18_ WATA

B.19_Agreement for CCPS Conversion_04.01.2022

B.20_Trademark License Agreement Amendment Agreements and Waiver Letters

B.21_Resolutions for appoinment of Dr NT as CMD

B.22_Resolutions for appoinmnet of Dr NT as Chaiman-Heart Institute and CCS

B.23_ BR dated July 25 2022 _Re appoinment of Dr NT as CMD

B.24_Annual Report 19-20

B.24_Annual Report 20 21

B.24_Annual Report 21-22

B.25_CA Examniation Report_02 09 22

B.26_Special tax Benefit Report_14 10 2022 (1)

B.27_Assessment of of the healthcare delivery market in India _26 09 2022

B.28_Consent for Assessment of Health Delivery Market_26 09 2022_CRSIL

B.29_Engagement Letter of CRISIl_15 09 22


B.31_Consent of CA to Include their name

B.32_Consent of RM Marwah CA to Include their name

B.33_Triparty Agreement btw Co CDSl Registrar_09 09 2021

B.34_Triparty Agreement btw Co NSDl Registrar_09 04 2021

B.35_DD Certificate_29 09 2021

B.36_In Principle Approval_21 10 21 and 22 10 21

B.37_Final Observation Letter_21 12 21