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Dr. Anirban Deep Banerjee

Associate Director



Clinical Fellowship: Functional & Restorative Neurosurgery , Clinical Fellowship: Skull-Base & Complex Vascular Neurosurgery , Post-doctoral Fellowship: Skull-Base Neurosurgery , M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) , M.B.B.S.

About Dr. Anirban Deep Banerjee

Dr. Anirban Deep Banerjee is an eminent neurosurgeon with extensive experience in the fields of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery as well as Skull-base Neurosurgery.Earlier, he was working as a Senior Consultant Neurosurgery & In-Charge: Movement Disorder Clinic, Institute of Neurosciences, Apollo Kolkata. After completing his MBBS from University of Calcutta, Dr Banerjee completed his Neurosurgery residency (M.Ch.) from NIMHANS, post which he successfully completed AANS-recognized prestigious neurosurgical Fellowships in USA: Skull-base Neurosurgery (LA State University) and Stereotac... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

black_icon_image white_icon_image Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgical procedures for intractable movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, Essential Tremor, Dystonia), spastic disorders (e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis,
black_icon_image white_icon_image Post head- injury, Post spinal-cord injury, Post stroke)
black_icon_image white_icon_image Psychiatric disorders(e.g. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and epilepsy
black_icon_image white_icon_image Neuro-modulation surgeries, including over 200 cases of Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (brain-pacemaker implants).

Milestones Achieved

Pioneer & Head of Eastern India’s first advanced Movement Disorder Clinic
Graduated in the Top 3% category in Final M.B.B.S. Examination, N.R.S. Medical College, University of Calcutta, India
Gold Medalist (Anatomy) in M.B.B.S., N.R.S. Medical College, University of Calcutta, India
Senior Prosectorship Award (Anatomy) in M.B.B.S., N.R.S. Medical College, University of Calcutta, India
Gold Medalist (School First rank holder) in All India Secondary School Examination
Best Poster Award at the 21 st Annual Conference of Skull-Base Surgery Society of India, SKULLBASECON 2019, October 10 th -12 th 2019, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
Best Paper Award at the 16 th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgeons, STEREOCON 2019, September 19 th -21 st 2019, Kochi, Kerala, India.
At the official invitation of the government of Bangladesh, he started and established the deep brain stimulation surgery program at the National Institute of Neurosciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



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