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Dr. Sharad Bedi

Associate Consultant

Internal Medicine

MRCP (UK) (Medicine) , MD , MBBS

About Dr. Sharad Bedi

15+ years of experience in managing Infectious Disesaes
Adult Immunization Specialist
Specializes in COVID19 Management

Dr. Sharad Bedi is an expert in managing Infectious Diseases, Non-communicable disease segments like Diabetes, Metabolic & Heart Diseases. He specializes in elderly care and adult vaccinations. Dr. Bedi is an MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Patiala & an MD from Govt. Medical College, Amritsar.

Specialization and Expertise

black_icon_image white_icon_image Lifestyle Diseases
black_icon_image white_icon_image Infectious Diseases
black_icon_image white_icon_image Geriatric Diseases
black_icon_image white_icon_image Adult Vaccination


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