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ICU at Home

Medanta Home care’s mission is to provide end-to-end patient support, offering a total care approach that encompasses holistic care, goal-based care plans, regular recovery tracking, and a supportive ecosystem for both patients and their families.

1. Complete Care Continuum 

Our ICU-at-home service offers a unique and thorough care experience. We create personalised care plans approved by your discharging doctor, ensuring all aspects of patient’s health are considered.

2. Hospital Driven Protocols and Patient – Centric  Approach

Our service operates under hospital-driven protocols, ensuring the highest standards of care right in the comfort of patient’s home. We believe in a patient – centric approach, setting clear milestones for recovery and working closely with the patient to achieve them.

3. A Supportive Ecosystem: Patients and Families

At ICU at Home, we understand that recovery is a collective effort. Our service doesn't just focus on patients; we extend our support to their families as well. We provide counselling, education, emotional support, and practical guidance to family members, helping them navigate through the challenges of caregiving.

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