Lap Ovarian Cystectomy

What is Lap Ovarian Cystectomy?

Lap Ovarian Cystectomy or Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy is a surgery performed to remove an ovarian cyst using laparoscopy while still preserving the ovary so that the women can remain fertile. The surgery is also adopted to diagnose or rule out ovarian cancer. 

How does Lap Ovarian Cystectomy help?

Lap ovarian cystectomy is a single approach to treating lumps of different sizes. The procedure is minimally invasive, and very efficiently removes the ovarian cyst from an ovar...

How is Lap Ovarian Cystectomy done?

What are the benefit and risks of Lap Ovarian Cystectomy procedure?

The process has made cystectomy minimally invasive and has revolutionised the world of medical procedures. But, the technique also has a few risks attached to it.

The advantages of Lap Ovarian Cystectomy procedure are:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • The patient does not require a long stay at the hospital.
  • The procedure keeps the ovary intact.
  • Safely removes the cancerous growth.

The risks associated with Lap Ovarian Cystectomy treatment are:

A major complication associated with removal of the ovarian cyst is the rupture of the cyst itself. If the cyst is non-cancerous, then rupturing is not a concern. However, if a malignant cyst burst inside, then there is an im...

The limitations of Lap Ovarian Cystectomy procedure are:

  • Ovarian cysts may recur after a cystectomy.
  • Pain may not be controlled.

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