Diaphragmatic Plication

What is a Diaphragmatic Plication?

Diaphragmatic Plication is a surgical intervention to treat Diaphragm Paralysis. A patient suffering from complete loss of motor sensory function requires a surgical correction....

How does it help?

When the conventional treatment fails to provide any relief, Diaphragmatic Plication is the definite treatment carried out to correct diaphragm paralysis. This procedure flatten...

How is it done?

What are the benefit and risks of this procedure?

The treatment has revolutionised the world of surgery. It brings with itself a lot of advantages but also has its own pack of risks, which the patient should be aware of.

  • Decreases lung compression.
  • Ensures remission of symptoms.
  • Improves the quality of life.

  • Injury to heart and bleeding.
  • Chronic thoracotomy pain.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Complication of general anaesthesia.
  • Injury to intra-abdominal organs, including stomach, spleen, and liver.
  • Injury to the pulmonary parenchyma.

Patients who have had an abdomen surgery, or who are obese, are likely to suffer from other health disorders after the surgery. Patient with associated risks such as chronic renal failure or DVT are also at the risk of developing pulmonary infections, lung problems, or heart problems.

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