Pharyngeal Flap Surgery

What is Pharyngeal Flap Surgery?

Pharyngeal flap surgery is done to treat VPI (velopharyngeal insufficiency), a condition of slight difficulty in breathing, or a nasal sound while speaking.  In this surgery, an amount of muscle tissues are transferred from the throat to the palate to narrow down the excessive space between the oral cavity and the nasal cavity. 

How does Pharyngeal Flap Surgery help?

Pharyngeal flap surgery effectively corrects the loopholes left behind by cleft palate surgery. It improves the speech and breathing problems of the patients. The success rate o...

How is Pharyngeal Flap Surgery done?

What are the benefit and risks of Pharyngeal Flap Surgery procedure?

Pharyngeal flap surgery is an effective treatment. But, it has some shortcomings which can be minimised by skilled surgeons.

The advantages of Pharyngeal Flap Surgery are:

  • The surgery is aimed at improving all over the quality of life.
  • There is no restriction in physical activities after the surgery.
  • Improvements are apparent in the first week.
  • This p...

The risks associated with Pharyngeal Flap Surgery are:

Around 20% cases of successful pharyngeal flap surgery reported the development of hypernasal speech. Apart from this, other surgical risks such as allergic reaction to anaesthesia, and slight bleeding may happen.

The patient may face a risk of never being able to breathe with the nose. Return of 100% intelligible speech is also not found in some cases.

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