Linear Accelerators (provision for IGRT/ IMRT)

What is Linear Accelerators (provision for IGRT/ IMRT) ?

Linear Accelerator is the most commonly used device for external beam radiation treatment of patients suffering from cancer. It generates high energy X-rays and directs them to the location of the tumour. The rays destroy the cancer cells while sa...

How is the technology unique?

• The X-rays generated by Linear Accelerators kill the DNA of the cancer cells. DNA is the molecule that carries the genetic information from one generation to another. Once the DNA is damaged, c...

How does it help?

Linear Accelerators are generally used for external beam radiation treatment for patients with cancer. It can be used to treat all the parts and organs of the body infected with cancer cells.Discovery of Linear Accelerators has been of great help to patients afflicted with cancer. No surgery is required for the treatment.

Used to treat

How is it done?

What are the benefits and risks of a linear accelerator (IGRT and IMRT)?

Although the Linear Accelerator technology has been beneficial to uncountable cancer patients, it does come with its own pack of risks.

  • IGRT, the imaging technology takes pictures before and even when the therapy is in progress to ensure precision and accuracy of the treatment delivered. It also reduces the treatment toxicity.
  • Using 3-D computed tomography images of the patients with computerised specific calcu

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Medanta offers cutting edge technology and state-of the- art treatment facilities designed to deliver healthcare at an affordable cost. The technology and equipment commissioned at Medanta is compa...

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