Sentinel Node Excision

What is Sentinel Node Excision?

Sentinel node excision is a medical procedure performed to take out lymph node tissues to examine them for cancer. The surgery is done to see if the cancer has spread from the original cancer site to the other site and the nearby organs.  

How does Sentinel Node Excision help?

A sentinel node excision is preferred because it is not as extensive as lymph node dissection. The surgery efficiently takes out the lymph node tissues to inspect for cancer, an...

How is Sentinel Node Excision done?

What are the benefit and risks of Sentinel Node Excision procedure?

The procedure very efficiently treats cancer, but as any other complex surgery, it also has a few risks associated with it.  

The advantages of Sentinel Node Excision treatment are:

It is less invasive in comparison to axillary lymph node excision. With detailed information available, one or a small cluster of two to three nodes are required to be removed. The process gives precise information on lymph nodes whi...

The risks associated with Sentinel Node Excision are:

Usually, sentinel node excision is a procedure that is extremely safe. But, the general risks of surgeries are associated with this disorder. Some of them include:

  • Bruising or pain at the biopsy site...

The major limitation of the surgery is that it cannot be performed when the cancer is 5 cm or larger, or when the cancer has spread extensively in the breast.

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