Free Flap Procedure

What is Free Flap Procedure?

Free flap procedure involves transferring a flap made up of tissues, muscles, fat or bone (or all of them together), from one body part (donor site) to another body part (recipient side). Surgeons also attach some veins and arteries so that the flap can maintain its own blood supply.

How does Free Flap Procedure help?

The term ‘free’ implies that the flap along with the veins and arteries are collectively removed from the one part of the body and then attached to the new part. Free flap s...

How is Free Flap Procedure done?

What are the benefit and risks of Free Flap procedure?

The surgery can effectively cover many fatal wounds, but as any other surgery, it also has a few risks associated with it.

The advantages of Free Flap Procedure are:

The coverage achieved by free flap surgery is very stable, and there are very few chances of breakage or damage to the flap. The chances of the donor site developing an infection or a disease are also minimal since both sites are less exposed to ...

The risks associated with Free Flap Procedure are:

There are certain risks involved with every surgery and cosmetic surgery is no exception.  Probable risks emerge from existing medical conditions. If a person is found to have any microvascular disease, the chances of the spread of infec...

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