What is Debridement?

Debridement is the removal of dead infectious tissues from a wound to improve the healing process. In this process, the infectious tissues are removed from the wound. This allows new healthy layers of the skin to form and close the wound significantly.

How does Debridement help?

Debridement is an important procedure aimed at the faster healing of any wound. Through debridement, foreign objects that could increase infection are also removed, leaving no r...

How is Debridement done?

What are the benefits and risks of Debridement procedure?

Debridement is an excellent way to remove necrotic tissues, but as any other surgical treatment, it also has a few risks associated with it. 

The Debridement process lets the wound heal in a faster, infection-free environment. Wounds rarely develop new infections and become less responsive to the internal healing system after a debridement surgery. 

Infection in a larger area. Excessive debridement is also a risk. If too much of the skin is removed, it will take longer to heal and might cause further infection. Debridement in certain cases might also lead to breakage of blood vessels and capillaries.

As debridement removes the upper layers of the skin, it might not be able to remove the deep-seated infection, or infection penetrating the deeper layers of the skin.

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