Emergency and Trauma Care

About the Speciality

The Emergency & Trauma Care division at Medanta constitutes a team of specialised physicians & surgeons. Critically ill patients, or severely injured patients are taken under our care in as little time as possible and resuscitated, stabilised & managed as per protocols. The department care area is equipped with latest technologically to manage patients who need instant treatment. The Trauma Centre in Medanta provides specialised treatment and meets strict standards.

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What we treat?

Medanta houses emergency services ranging from the surface to air ambulances. Our evacuation system help to manage patients and treat life-threatening situations.

Our approach to treat you

At Medanta, we provide pre-treatment evaluation with management and treatment of the disorder and make sure that the patient receives the required therapies in the hospital itself. We provide pre-hospital care (road & air evacuation of a criti...

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Utilise latest technology

  • Mobile Ventilator

    The specialised and fast surface and air ambulances are equipped with latest models of mobile ventilators that help provide ventilation to the delicate lungs of the patient.

  • Automated & Manual Defibrillator (AED)

    It is a device that is used to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias of pulseless ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation in a patient.

  • Infusion Pump

    This device is used to convey liquids, for example, medicines and supplements, into a patient’s body in a measured amount.

  • ECG Machine

    It is a machine that is regularly used to analyze the muscular and electrical functions of a patient’s heart.

  • Portable CT Scan

    The CT Scan machine is used to produce cross-sectional images of a particular area of an already scanned object, for the doctor to see inside the object without cutting.

  • Pulse Oximeters

    This device helps in examining a patient’s oxygen saturation.

  • Portable Ultrasound & Echo Machine

    This machine uses high-frequency sound waves to produce high-quality images of the internal parts of the body.

  • Fibro - Optic Light

Why choose Medanta?

Our Emergency services provide:-

Standardised protocols for managing every type of sickness & injuries

Sorting out the more sick patients by rapid triaging principles, thus saving maximum

Scrub our hands to disinfect, before we attend another patient, to prevent transmission of contagious diseases.

Simplified flowcharts for diagnosing, investigating & managing emergency patients

Self- disciplined & trained doctors & staff for addressing difficulties & hurdles during patient care in critically ill.

Our success stories

See how Medanta’s doctors treated patients using advanced technologies and innovative procedures.

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