School Children To Be Ambassadors In This Generation’s Fight Against diabetes

Medanta - The Medicity’s Endocrinologists launched 'Mission Halt Diabetes' initiative which was organized to create awareness about Diabetes, especially ‘Type 2 diabetes’, caused by a combination of genetic factors and poor lifestyle choices. Over 50 school children participated in myriad competitions at the hospital which included workshops on diabetes, slogan writing and logo designing which were collated by Medanta to create awareness for the disease. On the occasion, Dr. Ambrish Mithal, Chairman and Head, Medanta Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes said, “Erratic lifestyles, poor eating, sleeping habits and sedentary behaviour are the primary factors responsible for the recent increase in diabetes patients. It was considered to be a disease for people above 40 but now more Indians are getting it at a younger age. The seeds of this lifestyle disorder are sown much before its manifestation, the most vulnerable age being the teens and early 20s. Good lifestyle habits are the best inheritance we can give to our little ones”. Diabetes Educators and Endocrinologists from the Medanta Division of Endocrinology have partnered with prominent Gurugram Schools (Lotus Valley School, Sun City School, Shiv Nadar School, Salwan Public School and the ‘Om Foundation’, that imparts education to lesser-privileged children), to educate and raise awareness about diabetes. Senior Diabetes Educator, Ms. Shubhda Bhanot said, “We have already organised Health Advisory Committees in these schools comprised of students, teachers and parents, which would in future, develop strategies for change in their schools and society and eventually encourage better lifestyle choices while also spreading awareness among their peers. We will continue to seek newer partnerships with schools to spread the message.” Ms Renuka Taneja, the founder of a studio for children called 'Windows - The Art and Craft Corner' who was a jury member in the competitions said, “The creativity of these children is prodigious no doubt, but seeing it being directed towards raising awareness about a disease so debilitating as diabetes is really heartening”. Mr Raman Bhanot, a celebrity TV Anchor who was the compere at the event said, “This mission is an investment in our collective future. I hope this ongoing activity of education and engagement will be much bigger by the next Diabetes Awareness Month of November.” Dr Naresh Trehan, CMD – Medanta observed that Diabetes in India has reached epidemic proportions with more than 70 million individuals currently diagnosed with the disease. It continues to increase rapidly and the number is projected to be almost double by 2030. India currently faces an uncertain future in relation to the potential burden. The mission will continue to engage with more and more schools over the next year and attempt to synchronize the efforts of multiple stakeholders with appropriate government interventions.