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Recruitment Disclaimer
Recruitment Disclaimer
Environmental Clearance
Environmental Clearance
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6-Monthly-Compliance-April-2019-to-September-2019-Medanta-Patna View
Authorisation Committee
Authorisation Committee
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Bio Medical Waste Management
Bio Medical Waste Management
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MRP of Orthopaedic Knee Systems
MRP of Orthopaedic Knee Systems
Ceiling-Prices-on-Orthopaedic-Knee-Implant View
MRP of Coronary Stents
MRP of Coronary Stents
Stent-price View
Coronary-stent-prices-effective-April-1-2018 View
Coronary-Stents-patient-price-update View
Coronary-Stents-patient-price-update-efffective-april-2023-onwards View
Coronary-Stents-patient-price-update-effective-01-04-2019 View
Coronary-Stents-patient-price-update (1) View
Environmental clearance from SEIAA for Jayprabha Medanta Super Speciality Hospital View
6-Monthly Compliance of Environmental Clearence from SEIAA for Jayprabha Medanta Super Speciality Hospital (Time Period: Apr’2019 To Sep.’2019) View
EC Compliance (Time Period: Apr’2020 To Sep.’2020) View
Environmental clearance from SEIAA for Jayprabha Medanta Super Speciality Hospital View
6-Monthly Compliance of Environmental Clearence from SEIAA for Jayprabha Medanta Super Speciality Hospital (Time Period: Apr’2019 To Sep.’2019) View
EC Compliance (Time Period: Apr’2020 To Sep.’2020) View
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Documentation-liver-transplant View
Documentation-kidney-transplant View
Organ Donation Guidelines
Organ Donation Guidelines
General-instructions-domestic-foreign-nationals View
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